RIP Michael Winner

Not sure of the exact cause yet, but the 77-year-old reprobate has passed away.

A divisive figure for sure, but one of the most colourful characters in the history of British cinema.

R.I.P. for sure. This has come of something as a shock for me. Surely the maker of Death Wish III would live forever?

It’s too bad, the man had a good resume with the likes of( Death Wish, Lawman, Scorpio, and such…)

RIP Mr. Winner.

Death Wish is in my top 5 favorite films of all time.

Made some good films, especially like his two directed westerns. The cold bleakness to some of his 70’s films like The Mechanic and Scorpio is what I liked aswell. He made alot of crap aswell. My brother met him briefly at a screening to Dirty Weekend. R.I.P

Winner had liver problems and was given 18 months to live last summer.

He produced and directed “Chato’s Land” with Charles Bronson and “Lawman” with Burt Lancaster both in 1971.

RIP, Michael.


Pity, liked Death Wish very much. RIP

R.I.P. He was a great character.

Winner annoyed some people and he certainly made his fair share of stinkers but he will be remembered fondly for his best films I think. I always felt the film industry changed too much for him and left him behind but when it was still a place full of maverick independent producers putting films together on the back of a fag packet he was in his element. He started out making films for a guy named E.J. Fancey and if you know anything of him Winner’s style makes more sense.

Whatever you think of Winner he was one of a kind.


Used to love watching him in heated debates. He stood his ground and often made a mockery of the people who were trying to have a go at him. When my brother met him, he said Winner was a nice fella who had time to chat to his fans.

This is a very sad loss.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:12, topic:3146”]Used to love watching him in heated debates.[/quote]Check out this Death Wish II discussion. He hold his ground superbly.

Class stuff ;D

What a pity, better start to rewatch those movies again the coming days…

Great loss indeed. :frowning:

I loved his work with Bronson , especially Chato’s Land & Death Wish 1 - 3.

A good few years ago , he made some commercials for UK television but i can’t recall what they were for now.

He was also a food critic here in the UK.


[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:18, topic:3146”]Esure

That’s one of them , thanks. I think Guinness was another one.

This man gaves us The Mechanic (my favourite movie from my favourite actor you know for whom I’m talk about…), Death Wish movies with Charles Bronson of course, Scorpio, Lawman, The Stone Killer, Chato’s Land and many others.I’m not so sure but in U.K. he was underrated.Ι like his film-making with slow progress in the plots and some memorable scenes with violent explotions.Also I like the spectacular car chases in his films.

R.I.P. Mr. Winner you are a winner in our hearts that’s for sure!!!