RIP Carlo Lizzani

Director Carlo Lizzani committed suicide today October 5, 2013, throwing himself into the void, from the third floor of a building in the center of Rome. Lizzani was 91 years old. The producer, director and author was born in Rome on April 3, 1922. Among his most famous films “Banditi a Milano”, “Fontamara”, “Cronache di poveri amanti”, “Mussolini ultimo atto” for television he directed “Le cinque giornate di Milano” and “Maria Jose”. Carlo directed two Euro-westerns: “The Hills Run Red” and “Kill and Pray” both in 1967.

Sad news. R.I.P.

Not a good week for Italian Cinema.

Always liked The Hills Run Red

Hope your quick exit to nirvana worked out, amigo. RIP

Ehh… too many big stars are gone. RIP Mr Lizzani. :frowning:

Jesus, 91 years old and he jumps off a building. Poor bugger


91 years old and he committed suicide?That was very bad.

Rest In Peace Sir…

Quite a few people get into their 90’s and want to go, could he have been ill?

I think it may something like that Yodlaf. He might of had an illness or was depressed. Such a damn shame either way.

Sad news. RIP Lizzani.

RIP Carlo Lizzani; another great from the Golden Age of Italian genre cinema now sadly gone.

Like both of his westerns for different reasons, so R.I.P from me.

Requiescat In Pace.

Very sad. R.I.P

RIP. It’s a bad week for SWs indeed.

I can’t say I think his SWs are memorable, but it’s indeed a sad week for the italian cinema all the same… RIP