RIP Aldo Berti

Italian character actor Aldo Berti died just before midnight yesterday December 25, 2010 in Florence, Italy. He had been diagnosed with brain cancer in October. Berti appeare in 17 Euro-westerns among them “Once Upon a Time in the West” as one of Frank’s henchmen seen in the card game wtih Mr. Morton and the “Dirty Outlaws” as Jonathan. A full obit can be found in Cemetery with crosses. Another of the most recognizable faces of the Spaghetti westerns has left us. RIP :’(

Wasn’t he the one who knocked out the girl with his head in El Puro?

RIP Aldo

He is - and the recipient of Gypsy’s kiss … deviant indeed!

He’s one of my favorite spaghetti actors - RIP Aldo.

(Time for a rewatch methinks - and to raise a glass to the memory of Mr. Berti.)

R.I.P. Aldo.

Thats a shame…R.I.P

RIP to one of the more recognizable character actors in the genre. He was in alot of westerns but my favorite role of his was that of Colorado Joe in Have a Good Funeral Sartana.



Sad to hear, he was one of the bigger stars in the genre. RIP :’(.

Very sadf to hear of Berti’s passing.
One of my favourite support actors in the genre.