Ringo’s Big Night / La grande notte di Ringo (Mario Maffei, 1966)


Starting watching this last night, fell asleep and finished this afternoon. I wasn’t finding the film all that interesting for the first 45 minutes, as evidenced by my falling asleep, and my interest level didn’t pick up any today when finishing the film. Maybe I should give it another shot sometime, as I don’t really feel like I was paying enough attention to it(I still can’t give an accurate plot synopsis), but this is usually a sign that the movie isn’t going to work for me…

The direction feels terribly uninspired, the sets & costumes look very cheap/stupid… which could of been overcome, if the film was handled correctly. Scenes of action didn’t really perk my interest at all, aside from a couple cold-blooded killings by the Sheriff.

Quote of the move, Ringo to Bandit cellmate:
“Your pants.”, “Huh?”, “Take off your pants!” “C’mon take em off! This is no time to be shy.”

All while the bandit is struggling with his pants, looking up timidly at Ringo…

Only highlight of the film for me was Eduardo Fajardo, but not nearly enough to save it.

Something Weird lists this as William Berger’s debut western, however El Cisco predates it by 1 year

[spoiler below]

And the film ends on a fistfight, in the water, and then the two guys riding off together… Not even treated to any kind of real ending in this film. This one probably makes my list of worst spaghettis ever.

Berger looks so young in this one.

I really liked William Berger’s character in this movie. The movie felt a little too American for me but still i would rate it 6/10

You know, it felt a bit like an American western to me also… I would say largely because of the way it looked

Well, I wouldn’t place it on my ‘Worst-Spaghettis’ list 'cause there is a lot worse out there … and Billie Berger is doing well, I think.

Still, this movie is far from being one of the better SWs. It’s more or less an average flic with confusing plot (in parts) and lame ending…

3.5/10 (I’ve really seen worse)

Far from good, but not so bad. Moral of the story is childish: Bandit (without knowing it) upholds the law. So called important citizens are a bunch of crooks. Maffei didn’t direct too well, but in the end Berger somewhat makes up for this. The gunplay is quite alright. Yes, the ending is lame. Goes well with the stupid story. 5,5/10

A good example of a film which does not live up to its individual parts. Billy Berger in a starring role for a change, Fajardo, Bodalo, Rigaud… This should clearly have been better but I’ve seen worse and the aforementioned individual parts, plus a reasonable score from Rustichelli made this reasonably entertaining for me.

very crapy western

Never caught my fancy either.

I thought the villains were a pretty classy bunch: Fajardo, Rigaud, Bodalo, Armando Calvo. For Spanish (especially Barcelona) audiences, the sight of Paco Morán (a star comedy actor of the stage) as a black-clad gunman is not too credible. Fajardo is at his best. Berger is terribly uneven: the scene in which he suddenly realises the true identity of Brokenarm looks as if a bad take had been printed. The plot at times is difficult to follow. Rustichelli delivers a terrible score, particularly the choral parts. On the whole, nothing special.

the only reason i take this was the cast: fajardo,podalo, berger
but when i see the movie >:(

First contact accomplished this weekend. I’ve watched it with my fiancée and both agreed to go for a walk after 20 minutes, even after a long break the boring feeling was present.
Verdict: She didn’t like it, me neither.

When i watched it for the first time, i had a couple of beers and when it was over, i had to drink a six pack just to forget what i just saw.
Crapy william berger spag!

Alot of beer for a dud then :smiley: . Have this on my watch pile :stuck_out_tongue: .

[quote=“Handcuffs68, post:13, topic:1590”]When i watched it for the first time, i had a couple of beers and when it was over, i had to drink a six pack just to forget what i just saw.
Crapy william berger spag![/quote]
one of my top worst…
and the ending, i can’t describe it how awful!!! :o

Release dates are 21/01/66 - not 21/10 as reported in the database - for La grande notte di Ringo and 13/10/66 for El Cisco (Anica data).

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Been mentioned in another thread but when you see Berger in this one and young looking, you just notice how he aged quickly. Story grabbed my attension at first, but does come across a little long winded in parts. Not the best Berger western role, but the film was enjoyable enough. Would have liked a more mean spirited ending, as the one present is a little unexpected and does not really fit.