Requesting some help purchasing a VHS from inside Spain

If anyone on the forum is able to help me get ahold of this VHS, I’d really appreciate it. The only copy I can find is from a seller in Spain that will only sell/ship inside of Spain.

Here is the listing:

I’m looking for someone that could buy the VHS and mail it over to me - I can paypal the funds over to cover everything and could give you some extra for the help and/or trade some other films, or whatever sounds good.

Ultimately I am looking to transfer this tape and create English subtitles for it, as the only available version I can find anywhere is a very poor quality TV recording and this is another good western from Alberto Mariscal that deserves the chance to be seen…

I was able to get ahold of the Los Indomables VHS

But now I’ve found another seller in Spain on todocoleccion selling a copy of Uno Para la Horca. Its a cheap buy (1,50 €), but for some reason these sellers always only accept wire/bank transfer payments which is undoable for this small of a purchase from the US

If anyone in Spain or anyone in a country without restrictive bank transfer laws could help me with this, I’ll pay you $20 plus shipping costs and cost of purchase for the tape… and of course I share the film after transferring digitally