Remake of A Fistful of Dollars

This is frankly ridiculous. The whole message. :rofl:

But I get it it’s absolutely pointless to argue about it.


not as ridiculous as calling something ridiculous without making a genuine argument as to why :wink:

Of course…the purchasing of the rights is acknowledgement and means that they didn’t try to plagiarize Seven Samurai. Plagiarism is the point.

While I have no doubt that this is correct, I think I would find a better source than Wikipedia. :laughing:

Have you not seen what Kurosawa himself said on the subject? That he made more on Leone’s film than he did on any of his own.

I think that anyone that steals as heavily as Leone did from Kurosawa without acknowledgement of the source is committing plagiarism and should have to pay. If the Ford estate…or Kurosawa (The Hidden Fortress) for that matter…felt that Lucas plagiarized then they had every right to sue. And the same goes for Tarantino. But they didn’t. The point is that Kurosawa did and Leone acknowledged that he was correct in doing so no matter how many times you attempt to protest otherwise.

Essentially, you are entitled to your opinion but the facts of the case say otherwise.


Of course they plagiarised - that’s why they paid for permission to do so. The purchase of the rights gives permission to plagiarise. No-one is bothered if you plagiarise as long as you pay for the right to do so (pay for the right to use another person’s ideas). The problem with Fisful was that they didn’t pay - that was why Kurosawa objected.

It is impossible to pay for permission to plagiarize because the moment you pay for that permission, by the very definition of plagiarism, it is no longer plagiarism. It isn’t the use of someone else’s ideas that constitutes the plagiarism, it is trying to pass them off as your own.

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