[READ FIRST] Rules for the Marketplace

(Sebastian) #1

Please abide by these rules to make sure your posts/topics do not get deleted

The purpose of this sub-forum is to make it easier for members to trade rare Spaghetti Westerns, it is NOT intended as a platform to make money and sell your DVD stock, selling DVDs for profit or selling DVDs that are easily available everywhere else is frowned upon.

a) Please only post links to YOUR OWN ebay auctions. A violation to that rule is easy to find out and will result in immediate deletion of the post/topic.
b) Do not post links to Ebay auctions that offer pirated software/films. Please be aware that bootlegs are illegal in most countries outside the USA, where most bootleggers refer to the Berne Act for legal protection, which itself is highly dubious and vague.

II. Trading
Please only one topic per member. Feel free to post a list of films you are willing to trade. In everybody’s interest and for the sake of overview, please narrow to Spaghetti Westerns and similar genres only. If you want to liquidate your film collection, go to Ebay.

III. Rules
These rules can and will be changed and amended at any time without notice. Compliance with these rules is obligatory.