Rarescores Team bootlegs

While searching CG, I have found MP3 music from bootleg CD ‘Un dolaro bucato’-Gianni Ferrio by Rarescores Team. I have downloaded it, shame on me ::). I have noticed interesting thing: there are more tracks and the total time is much longer than those on official release by CAM (25 to 11 tracks and 45:14 to 18:03 min). I am not musician but it is obvious that all tracks are different. The sound quality is not good and it seems sourced from LP. But only other release is Phoenix LP with the same track listing as one on CAM CD.
So I ask the question: Where did these tracks come from? It is very mysterious to me.
Not to mention that many of theirs bootlegs contains more music than official counterparts.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t promote piracy in any way.

I do. It’s quite impossible to find such rare items without those torrent websites. A special thumbs up for CG!

It can vary from where these tracks come from. Vinyl is one source of course. Some people also rip music direct from a dvd or a VHS release. Sometimes the original recording sessions of a soundtrack get leaked onto the net, Return of Ringo springs to mind in this respect. Some bootlegs will take music from a variety of these sources, hence the different sound quality on tracks.