Lets test each other. Find out who know what and who know most. Make some questions and challenge one another. They can be about anything - quotes, directors, actors, who did what and so on… Here’s what i came up with:

  1. From what film: “I dont want to be a hero, I just want the money”

  2. Who made the first italien western and what year? (no, its not leone)

  3. Who was intended to play Joe in Fistful?(easy)

  4. The bridge in GBU had to be blown opp twice, why?

Great response here! :slight_smile:

This is really hard. Maybe “Il Sogno di Zorro” in 1952.

Because they blew it up without filming it …

Henry Fonda, Charlezs Bronson, Steeve Reeves or james Coburn

Defently not - i think he was too high class for Sergio Leone…(at this time)

Good thing that Eastwood got the part, and not some of the others, his charismatic performance was definitely part of the film’s success.

Also Richard Harrison.

If I remember correctly Leone offered the role to Fonda but he didn’t even bothered to read the script.

Ironically all of the others got parts in spaghettis later on, due to the enormous success of the sw genre.

But I don’t think they would have been as good as Eastwood in the role of Joe/ man with no name :slight_smile:

Wasn’t Maximilian Schell considered for the part as well?

I’m really not sure of the answer to this question, but it might be Sergio Leone’s parents who made the first spaghetti western in 1913; La Vampira indiana (The Indian Vamp). With his father, Roberto Roberti, directing and his mother, Bice Walerian, acting.

Oh yeah, sorry. I re-read the question and saw that you asked for people not for the movie…

The question is always when the spags started. They are surely connected to the time when they were shot…so?

You have to separate between spaghettiwesterns and pre-Fistful italian westerns, it’s really not the same thing.

Still who made the first italo-western I don’t know ???

Well, the first spaghetti western is obviously A Fistful of dollars, since it is responsable for the “boom” of italien westerns. But there have, of course, been made westerns in italy pre to Fistful. and what i was asking for was what was the first western made by italians. although im not sure of the answer myself.

A hard question :wink:

that is quite a contradiction then what you said hehe but I know what you mean.

it is indeed hard to answer especially since most if not all of them were made in spain…

look for example here:

In which SW did Karl Otto Hirenbach have his very first appearance ???

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FFDM: Mortimer’s brother-in-law (uncredited)

I guess that was too easy !!??!!

Well, actually I cheated :wink: Didnt really know it, so i checked on imdb.com hehe. Although it was a good question.