Quentin Tarantino fans

I love Kill Bill 1&2, two of my favs. Jackie Brown is my least fav of his films. Not that I hate it just like his other stuff better. If he does do a part 3 i will be in the movie theater opening night. :smiley:

Yeah, I recall when he was planning to do a KILL BILL 3. But, a couple of years ago, he told some friends of mine in the UK that he doubted he would ever get around to really doing it. That conversation happened long before Carradine’s death. And if he was planning the stories to be 15 years apart, or so, then it wouldn’t have mattered if David was alive or not (because Bill would have been dead, anyway). Sebastian probably knows more about this than I do, though. I guess I really should have said that I doubt there will be a KILL BILL 3 instead of saying an outright “no”.

I actually enjoyed the KILL BILL movies…to some degree…but, I have to be honest and say that I didn’t find them to be as spectacular as some feel they are.

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:158, topic:613”]And speaking of KILL BILL…
I sure miss my old buddy, David Carradine. I started thinking about him the other day when I was trying to figure out a way to display the “Kill Bill” sword he gave me.
It is true that David was one strange cat, but he was always really nice and friendly towards me. Long story on how we met (via a few projects I was involved in for the History Channel); but, I was always surprised that David asked me for my address and phone number at the end of our working together…and that he actually kept in touch with me up until a few weeks before his death in Thailand. I miss hearing from the guy.[/quote]

First saw David Carradine on the “Kung Fu” TV show, been a fan of his ever since. Been in some cool movies, really enjoyed “Americana” and I have to admit having a soft spot for “Death Race 2000”. 8)
I never met him but my sister in law overheard him and his girlfriend? arguing on a beach on the Cote D’azure, apparently the air was blue. :wink:

I enjoy Kill Bill but not as much as his other films, and Bill was the best part…

I would much rather see a sequal to

True Romance with Christian Slater with an Eye Patch & Christopher Walken kidnaps his wife & son & Elvis’s Ghost continues to talk to him that would be cool + Christian Slater deserves a come back he made some good films


The Vega brothers film with John Travolta & Micheal Madsen set before Pulp Fiction & Resevoir Dogs

Yeah, I’d like to see that. Too much time has passed though, both actors are looking old these days.

Grindhouse is out!

Yeh its a shame there getting old
Also I read somewhere that the ending for True Romance is not what tarantino wanted so he probably wont make a sequal to a movie he didnt approve of, but hey “Rambo” was sapposed to die in that film & spawned some pretty good sequals too.

Tarantino does approve of True Romance, very much so. He even contributed an audio commentary to the DVD.

They should make an alternative version, a Tarantino cut, which brings the footage which was shot in the order as QT had conceived it in his screenplay.

first of all, it is not a Tarantino movie. He had nothing to do with the making of the film. So there is no sensible reason why anyone should release a Tarantino cut.

secondly, Tarantino is officially a fan of the existing Director’s Cut, he loves it, and has contributed an audio commentary. This is as strong an endorsement from someone who has SOLD the script AWAY to someone else to make it, as it can get.

thirdly, a recut version is circulating in the bittorrent world, so if anyone should really be arrogant enough to circument the will of the author, producer, and director of the film and watch this movie unathorizedly modified and recut, then there is a way to do it :slight_smile:

So I gather you don’t like fan edits? :slight_smile: But seriously, I don’t think there is anything arrogant about editing a movie for some purpose (in True Romance’s case, making the movie more like Tarantino’s script, which is a sensible reason) or to make it more enjoyable to yourself and maybe others. Especially since it takes a lot of time and dedication, you don’t fan edit something you despise completely!

no but I think there’s a certain amount of arrogance involved in embarking on something like modifying a movie. or if not arrogance, call it disrespect for the artist, forgery or abuse. I mean you either like True Romance or you don’t. And there is only one true romance for a fan, and that has to be the version that the director likes, because after all the director is the creator of the movie.

Well, you can like True Romance with reservation, though. You can like certain parts of a movie. You can like a certain cut of a movie (Star Wars pre-Lucas messing around or to stay with Tony Scott, the theatrical cut of Revenge). You can like a movie, but think it could have been better. And I really don’t think that modifying somebody’s movie is really disrespectful, not anymore than remaking a movie or remixing a song, though there is the money thing involved here, but that has nothing to do with respect. But if you make money off your fan edit, that’s disrespectful.

And I really don’t think that if you’re a fan of a movie you have to like the director’s cut above any other cut. Are all of those hardcore Star Wars fans who are mad at Lucas for messing around with the original trilogy, not really fan? One of my favorite movies has two cuts, I prefer the original cut, but if the director was to come out and say “Well, you know, I actually I prefer the theatrical release.”, I still would prefer the original cut, I think I would still be a fan of the movie.

Hopefully there is still a chance of a sequal with an older Christian Slater wearing an Eye patching who talkes to the ghost of “The King” and kills people…

fingers crossed

(Also I think the original cut is fine, because if he did die in the script there would be no love to see him in a sequal considering Christopher Walken is still alive I believe)

Kay, I see your point now. The Lucas argument is good and valid. however, even in that case, in the end, it’s Lucas’ movie, and well… not yours :wink:
But I do see your point. I just don’t see what’s wrong with True Romance Director’s Cut, and why there should be any reason to mess with it. George Lucas truly fucked with his fans and the franchise… in the True Romance case, they backpedalled on some things and in the end we have a version that the director likes, that Tarantino likes and that’s an awesome movie. Not reason to cut it around just so it matches a piece of paperback, that has no more relevance to the present time.

Actually, I haven’t watched and I don’t intend to watch the fan edited version of True Romance either, I also feel the film is already fine as it is. But fan editing in general is something I really love (although I’ve never done a fan edit) and I’ve rarely seen it done without respect for the filmmakers.

Heck, I’ve been wanting to do a serious version of Hell of the Living Dead for a long time and I love Mattei’s film ;D .

I like True Romance, but think it would probably be a better film if the scenes were arranged in the way QT had written them. I’m only talking about the film as it is, but the scenes in another order. Scott had said they tried to do it that way. but it hadn’t worked. I would like to check it.

And to be true, for me True Romance is without any doubt a QT movie , while Natural Born Killers is an Oliver Stone film.

And I have no problems to alter an “artists” work (by recutting, sampling, remaking, covering or whatever), as long as the “Original” will still be available.

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Vanashing Point is a great film. I remember watching it as a double bill with ‘Death Proof’ and I stil lthink it is way better. One of the greatest “car” films. Makes me want to run from the law in a desert somewhere… sort of like the film ‘Badlands’ does (especially if I could find a Sissy Spacek to accompany me in the case of the latter).

I actually couldn’t stand the ‘Kill Bill’ films… even if many thought I’d love them as I like a lot of the cast (Uma Thurman, Carradine and Michael Madsen… though I prefer Virginia Madsen! :wink: ) and the films that Tarrantino is emulating/references… but I couldn’t. I just found the violence not very stylish (unlike the much older, and better, ‘Baby Cart’/‘Lone Wolf And Cub’ films, or even the Hanzo ones and certainly not most of the Spags).

I respect Tarantino and like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ (and I liked ‘Jackie Brown’ but I haven’t seen it since the 90s… so I am not sure whether I will today) and ‘True Romance’ (which he wrote) and think he has a good taste in films, but I just don’t like th majority of his films. I am more of a Coen bros fan as far as 90s Directors go. I think some of it has too do with the violence; I like it stylised but not too unrealistic. And I am not a fan of “slickness” (if that is the right word?).

I didn’t really hate ‘Death Proof’ and quite liked the car chase (and loved that it wasn’t all CGI) and I am a big fan of Kurt Russel so it was good to see him again, but I still couldn’t get into it.

Sorry guys, I’ll get my coat (rig and hat).

I’ve felt that the more he’s celebrated, the more Tarantino emphasizes style over substance to his (and filmgoers’) detriment. Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill, and to some extent Pulp Fiction are essentially live-action cartoons. There aren’t many characters in these who are real and appealing. When I choose to watch these movies, I know I’m watching spectacle and spectacle alone. It’s why scenes like the end of Kill Bill 2 don’t hold together for me. You can’t try to end on a character moment when, up to that point, there wasn’t really a character.

I can name the reason why Jackie Brown is my favorite Tarantino film in two words: Robert Forster (actually, those aren’t words, really). He’s a deep, human character in whom I as a viewer can invest. His relationship with Jackie makes that movie for me.