Quentin Tarantino fans

I think Kill Bill vol. 1 is his best film…followed by Pulp Fiction and Basterds

how do you feel about the volume 1 vs volume 2 “argument” ? :wink:

now, while I love vol 2, i have to say that I enjoyed the adrenaline rush from vol. 1 more

I watched Jackie Brown today. As much as it pains me to admit this, but it is a better film than Pulp Fiction. The acting is top-notch, with a host of great characters that you actually care if they live or die. The direction is more mature than earlier and the photography is great. 5/5.

I completely agree.
That is why I like JACKIE BROWN (and INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) the best of all Tarantino’s work, thus far.

I need to put my post-based rank on a higher level and this topic is very interresting, so let me explain my opinion on this matter:

I have seen all of the QT-Movies in the cinema and at home, dubbed and undubbed, and all of them are quite entertaining. Yet the first three movies are masterpieces and the last four ones are just “very entertaining”.

I put it into figures:
Reservoir Dogs: 10/10
Pulp Fiction: 10/10
Jackie Brown: 10/10
Kill Bill 1: 8/10
Kill Bill 2: 7/10 (cos of the 2nd half)
Death Proof: 8/10
Inglorious Basterds: 8/10

I do think the first three movies developed his own “style”. Any quotations of Spaghetti-Westerns (Reservoir Dogs) or Blaxplotation (Jackie Brown) were subtle. With the last movies he tried to make “genre-films” and did not stick to his developed style of gangsterfilms. The copy of Morricone musik in Kill Bill and Basterds was to obvious and just told me that he is a big fan of westerns. In addition to that, the actors in the first three movies are better than the actors in the last 4 movies: Harvey Keitel, S. L. Jackson, Travolta, Pam Grier, de Niro and so on.

I think Pulp Fiction will ever be his greatest film.

Reservoir Dogs: 9/10
Pulp Fiction: 9/10
Jackie Brown: 8/10
Kill Bill 1: 7/10
Kill Bill 2: 8/10
Death Proof: 8/10
Inglorious Basterds: 8/10

Why do you give Jackie Brown an eight Gringo? For me, it’s as easily as good as Pulp Fiction or even better.

All of Tarantinos movies are a 10 for me.

Jackie Brown is great but I always felt like there was something missing. And I think the answer is “The main two characters”. They’re just far too ordinary, I didn’t like or hate anything about them unlike in other QT films. In the same time there are those great characters like Ordell Robbie, Louis Gara and Beaumont…

And it the Vol.1 vs Vol.2 argument I definitely vote for Vol.2 - it’s just a better story.

I really hope that Tarantino will make a western and that this time he won’t use old Morricone themes (not that I’m against it generally but the theme of a western is among the things that define it). btw, do you think it’s possible for him to get Morricone to write an original score. That would be AWESOME (I so rarely use this word…)

My favorite QT film = Inglourious Basterds (closely followed by PF)

For the his best one it’s Jackie Brown, but if you thake in consideration that Resorvoir Dogs was his first film, you have to give a plus to that.
But in pure cinematography terms, art direction, scrit I think Jackie Brown it’s it’s best film ( I have not seen Inglorious Basterd yet)

Pulp Fiction is a cult film. For me, the best of T.
Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown are also very good.
I am not a fan from Kill Bill 1 + 2. But the music is good. :wink:
I also did not Inglorious Basterd seen.

join up:

Yesterday revisited with three-time "inglorius bastards. "
Does Brad Pitt’s character pays tribute to Aldo Sambrell?
It would be nice to be that way …

I think it’s a tribute to Aldo Ray…

Yes, it is probably Aldo Ray.
But dreaming is not bad …

I’m sure it’s both. A double homage.
There is not much doubt that Tarantino knows Navajo Joe, and if he uses a character called Aldo the Apache who scalps people then I would assume that he also had Sambrell in his mind.

Personally? I can’t stand most of Tarantino’s movies. Not that I consider him a no-talent or anything, but he’s more a cinematic collage artist than anything. The only film of his that I thoroughly enjoyed was Jackie Brown, probably because it’s the only thing he’s ever done that isn’t little bits and pieces of other people’s films.

… but entirely a piece of someone else’s … novel :wink:

I can be fairly short about QT… I enjoy most of his movies since they incorporate alot of my favorite elements from all kinds of genres. But i find the man himself to be a annoying motormouth freak. He just keeps rambling in interviews like some overexcited 5 year old kid on a sugar rush. I remember his interview with Castellari on the special edition of the original “Inglorious Bastards” where he just keeps interrupting him over and over. I want to hear the director talk about his movie not listen to QT telling me about his favorite scenes or moments all the time while he drools all over Castellari’s lap.

I would rate his movies:

Reservoir Dogs - 8/10
Pulp Fiction - 7/10
Jackie Brown - 8/10
Kill Bill Vol.1 - 7/10
Kill Bill Vol.2 - 8/10
Death Proof - 9/10
Inglorious Basterds - 9/10