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On the subject of Tarantino, I thought this was pretty cool:

sarah is actually a long term member of the quentin tarantino archives and a friend of mine. this is really cool and weird that it got dug up again, and it seems they found it in our forum

I used to worship Tarantino when I was a teenager, RD and PF were my favorite movies of all time but for me he hasn’t made anything coming close since. It was cool being the only person in a packed theater who could call out all the homages in Kill Bill but hey, go watch a Lone Wolf & Cub movie, they’re lightyears ahead of Tarantino. I really enjoyed Basterds in the theater as I found a way to sneak in a ton of wine, after watching it for a third for fourth time it seems sorta shitty in an obnoxious way. I get the feeling all the actors are trying to talk like Tarantino as the bulk of his dialog is basically him talking (probably does his dialog talking into a cassette recorder, Tarantino really should have a talk radio show where he talks about movies, music and books) with way too many fucking music n stylistic lifts that all abruptly end as if he’s too embarrassed to see something through (pulling back going “hahaha look what I did, get it?”) or as I’ve thought for years he’s actually an aspie and has severe ADHD. The lighthearted crowd pleasing tone is such an easy way out but it is what it is. Basterds n Kill Bill are movies I enjoy more in hindsight than actually sitting through, it would be awesome if he took a more serious tone with his Django project, or at least stuck with one for an entire film. RD was a masterpiece for its simple focus, I bet he could do it again.

I like Tarantino more than you do, but I agree with certain things you said. Although…

To me it always felt this way with Tarantino, I never felt it had gotten worse as time went by. Doesn’t really bother me, anyway.

Tarantino’s top 11 films of 2011:


An idiosyncratic list to say the least…

[quote=“John Welles, post:205, topic:613”]Tarantino’s top 11 films of 2011:


An idiosyncratic list to say the least…[/quote]
Interesting. :wink:

Totally disagree. I thought Pulp Fiction was great, but Kill Bills and Inglorious Bastards are above amazing. In-fact, I consider Inglorious Basterds a masterpiece. One way you know something is a masterpiece, is that each time you watch it, it continues to get better and develop upon itself. Kinda like how OUATITW does.

How can anyone possibly say anything negative about Kill Bill? That movie is a Spaghetti Western lover’s dream.

“I say this without ego. This is the greatest sword I have ever made.” Talk about getting a chills. Kill Bill is AWESOME.

I’ve only seen Pulp Fiction once. And I’m not in a hurry to watch it again.

I post this, without ego:

Just want to give a shout out to one of the best director of this generation Mr. Tarantino make he continue to make movie that will become classics, cant wait for Django Unchained!


The first teaser poster for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained:


Not a very exciting poster in my view.

Agreed. I prefer this one:

and that one:

Nice looking old style poster art. But I’m sure when the film is ready for theater’s we got the usual poster with photoshopped faces.

[quote=“Mickey13, post:211, topic:613”]Agreed. I prefer this one:

and that one:

Alot better for sure !

I’m afraid you’re right. :-\ Those posters from seventies and sixties are so beautiful, contrary to those made nowadays…

Definitely captivating poster, even if maybe the reference to a well-known SW is too explicit.

fact is that it is actually based upon the fan art by Federico.

and remember, it’s really just a teaser poster… it should tease :wink:

found a few more from other countries: http://www.tarantino.info/wiki/index.php/Django_Unchained_posters

First official pics.

Gotta admit, I dig the look of it, even DiCaprio looks cool.

[quote=“Rutledal, post:217, topic:613”]

First official pics.[/quote]
Wow, looks nice. And of course some mud. :smiley:

DiCaprio sort of looks like Franco Nero