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Preview of the Morricone OST


Not available in Germany. GEMA…

You can watch it using Hola

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Not a massive fan of Tarantino, but well done Quentin.

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Mike’s review is not up, do read it and share it:

Interesting featurette

Double review here


Here is our review of THE HATEFUL EIGHT

Tarantino ranked:

  1. Kill Bill
  2. Reservoir Dogs
  3. Pulp Fiction
  4. Death Proof
  5. Django
  6. Jackie Brown
  7. Inglourious Basterds
  8. The Hateful 8

I felt that, like I said, all the abuse that Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Daisy went through was a bit much. I didn’t want to like or support her, or even sympathise with her, but I ended up doing so. This review from The Red Right Hand best explains why:


Tarantino is first and foremost a fan and of the films I’ve seen of his I’d rank them in this order.

  1. Hateful Eight ( with its great wintery landscapes, wonderful, sharp dialogue, overtly violent ending, fantastic score/ soundtrack by Morricone, interesting choice of actors, the smashing of a priceless guitar, and the whole thing mostly takes place in a single room. I like the costumes which I think add to the mysterious atmosphere, and I really enjoyed the Roy Orbison song. I would put this up against anything else of his.
  2. Django Unchained is memorable and it too as some really cool landscapes, as well as a cool performance by DiCaprio. The dialogue between Fox and Waltz is intriguing, and I enjoyed the ending, but especially enjoyed the one shootout scene done partially in slow motion.
  3. Death Proof is his most underrated film,with Russell playing a cool part, and his some of the car scenes are shot really well. maybe not a true " Grindhouse" flick per say but a fun watch especially if one likes 80s b grade American slasher films like Pieces (1982), Slumber Party Massacre (1982),Graduation Day ( 1981), etc, where a bunch of teenagers run into a madman of some type and plan a revenge. Well directed and a fun watch for what it is.
  4. Inglorious bastards comes in at number 4, only cause I’m
    not a huge fan of alternative history flicks, but the bar scene is cool, as are the scenes shot in the theater, and both Waltz and Pitt have decent roles.
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Quentin Tarantino is prepping a movie about Charles Manson and the Tate murders:

I’m looking forward to seeing what SW music he’ll use next.

I need to learn a bit more about it, so far there’s not much to go on

So glad he is not directing another western.

Why’s that, En? Didn’t like Django Unchained and/or The Hateful Eight, or just fancy a change of pace from Mr. Tarantino?

Is this going to be his last film? I thought he was going to quit directing after 10 films. Weird choice for subject imo.

Is he going to have Samuel L. Jackson play Charles Manson?

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By his own count he’s only made eight so far; I guess he’s counting Kill Bill as one movie.

This Manson pic, and maybe one more western with which to say goodbye?