"Price of Death (1971/Lorenzo Gicca Palli)

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My inspiration for starting this thread came from my giallo spaghetti thread. I read Shobary’s review and it still sounded interesting. A murder Mystery spaghetti western. Sounds similar to Grand Duel. How is it?


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There is already a thread for this movie although it’s quite old:


We desperately need some way to make it more visible which movies already have their own thread. Perhaps by throwing a forum thread-link in the database entry for the movie !?

The only two things I remember about this movie is the aforementioned giallo intro, Kinski spending most of the movie pissed (angry, not drunk) in his jail cell, and Gianni Garko as the upper-class gunslinger :slight_smile:

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Hey Korano… your profile pic of Lee Van Cleef looks familiar to me :wink:
I am getting a feeling that it’s from my collection ;D

or am I getting senile too early ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought I got it off another site but I guess I didn’t. I think I’ve been to your site now. Do you mind if use it?

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There’s already a topic for this movie:

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Someone already told me. Goddamnit. I checked three times last night to see if a topic existed. I even checked it’s database page. Well, they’ll be combined I hope.

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I thought I got it off another site but I guess I didn't. I think I've been to your site now. Do you mind if use it?

Not at all my friend :slight_smile: You can use my images as you wish.

btw, this image suits your profile 8)

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Liked this one a lot. Great atmosphere and A FUCKING GREAT MARIO MIGLARDI SCORE AS USUAL.


Imo this one mixes the thriller/mystery genre with sw in a very succesful manner. Garko kicks ass once more. 4/5

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I liked it alot as well, x-rated really know how to pick them.