Poker with pistols (1967, Giuseppe Vari)

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I just watched this one and enjoyed it. Not a whole lot happens and most of the shooting is saved for the end, but that didn’t bother me much. Both Georges are in good form here and it’s a treat seeing them both in one spaghetti western. It’s a very laidback watch, probably Vari’s finest hour. The plot is simple; two gamblers stick their noses where they don’t belong. Doing so they unravel a swindle. I won’t spoil it, so I won’t go into further details. The ending has a nice twist though. Once again some atmospheric music by Lallo Gori. I’ve read somewhere that Fidani co-directed, which would explain the quality, haha. Recommended. 3 stars, or 6,5/10 which is probably even better.

(chuck connors brother) #2

I liked it alot… you can see Vari’s style in this, slow paced but never boring… he directs poker scenes in particular really well.
George Hilton was good, I prefer him in serious roles like this and Bullet for Sandoval.


The two stars worked well in this entertaining yarn, and probably one of my favourite George Eastman roles in a western.

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I watched it a few days ago, a review is coming up

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Just finished this one. Eh, I didn’t really like it. The music wasn’t great, neither was the story or direction. I feel asleep about a half an hour in and when I woke up it was right at the end. I thought the fate of George Hilton was interesting… but that’s about it. I think the poster (George Eastman with a pitchfork in his face) is better than the movie!

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The review has arrived:

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I’m sorry; I can’t say the name out loud without cracking up

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I didn’t find it so good. I like Deguello and Thirteenth is a Judas a lot. He’s made a lot of film for a not a lot of bucks. And A Hole in the Forehead is fantastic - one of my faves - but I was disappointed with this.

[Edit - I should add here that my unfavourite-ist sw mainman, George Eastman, was actually very good in this - as Ennioo says - probably the best he’s been in. Ironically, even tho’ I enjoyed his input into the film, the rest was a letdown.
Great stuff with the review tho’ scherps!]

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Nice review Scherp.
Pity there isn’t a better quality release to judge the film by.

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I’m not too fond of this movie. Well, it is not bad but not too good either… Nice twist at the end though. Among Eastman’s best, not among Hilton’s best !

Watched a German VHS version (UFA) of quite acceptable quality.

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I have the same one,its very short - 79 min. :frowning:

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Unfortunately this is true ! :’(

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George Hilton hates this film - I can’t remember the full quote but he’s responding to a question about it in an interview in a back issue of Nocturno magazine.

Film terribile” is his summary of it…

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Well, terrible it ain’t. A good 3 starer. (New word, remind it)

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Quite like this one. Gave it 4 poker cards (or pistols).

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I liked this one OK when I saw it a couple of years back. Probably ought to give it another viewing and see if it still holds up.

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Me too, I gave it 4 pistols. Great name for a SW, one of my favourites.


This one I watched today. I only liked the opening sequence, after that it just went downhill. While I can’t say it was a lighthearted movie, it wasn’t very heavy either, partly due to Lallo Gori’s score which was a major disappointment. Might watch it again though because the copy I had looked horrible at many points. For the time being 2/5 stars.

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Got curious after the review reading, so I watched the crap divx yesterday. Although it’s not a great movie - perhaps too slow - but still enjoyable. I guess it fills with thrill what lacks in action. Eastman delivers in this one.