Pistolero dell'Ave Maria (Gunmen of Ave Maria)

I’ve been looking for the music form this SW which has been composed by roberto predagio
(also known as The forgotten pistolero).

Any know on what (available) CD I can find it?


update: damn, that page is soooo wrong

just rewatched this. i really want that dramatic melody, not the title melody (which you can download from shobary)

There was a download on the Dollari Rosso blog but by the time I had found it the link was dead.

The soundtrack cd from Curci contains 14 tracks from the movie aswell as a bunch from They Call Me Trinity. That’s the one you want Sebastian. Don’t know if it contains precisely the track you want though. Got the cd in my collection so if you can hum the tune I’ll tell you if it is included :slight_smile:

mhhhh hummm haaaaa dada da laaa hmmmm maaaahhhhhhh lala dadad aaa.

something like that