Pictures taken from Spaghs

(Silence) #1

Found a few comic books and other Western books with very Spaghettish covers.

Don’t really know who this is but could it be Fabio Testi from China 9, Liberty 37?

Looks a bit like a redone version of the hanging scene from Some Dollars For Django:

Not a picture but “I Skuggan Av En Colt” translates to “In A Colts Shadow”:

Do I even have to mention where this comes from?


Looks like it.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #3

Cool, are they novels Silence?

(Silence) #4

Yep, all except the first.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #5

On the right still looks like Musante with a thicker beard but it looks like they traded Franco Nero for Terence Hill!

(Bill san Antonio) #6

Similarly I remember when somebody at the old swwb pointed out how many spaghetti poster artwork were basically copied from the covers of older pulp fiction western stories.

(Bill san Antonio) #7

Found this pic, looks like Trigninant to me.

(Søren) #8

But at a price of 25 cents it must surely predate Il grande silenzio ? Not that I don’t see the likeness.