Hello all.

I’ve looked for some insight in other places but not here yet so I thought I’d give this a spin.

I have been closely studying many of the key films (and some not so key) for wardrobe. One of the things I’m having difficulty pinpointing with any authoritativeness is what style of pants most of the main characters wear – and more importantly – where to get something today that most accurately represents them.

Now – If you ask this question in any of the SASS related forums responses typically point out that all of the spaghetti westerns were inaccurate because belt loops (among many other inaccuracies) weren’t readily available until 1900 so I should just go grab some trousers over here where oddly they are readily available for me:

However, I don’t care about historical accuracy - I care about spaghetti westerns - and the vast majority of main characters are wearing pants with belt loops and a belt in addition to their gunbelt - and that’s what I am interested in - what style of pants is that they wearing for the most part.

Has anyone ever delved into this issue before? To be clear I’m not looking for generalities like “go grab some jeans” or “here’s some khakis that seem close enough” – I’m really looking for some confident guidance.

Stoked to have found this community and any feedback is greatly appreciated.