On The Third Day Arrived The Crow

(TwiceaJudas) #1

Can anyone tell me if they have seen this movie is it worth it? I love William Berger’s acting. Does anyone know of a DVD or VHS I can purchase of this movie?


(Bill san Antonio) #2

Haven’t seen it but it’s available on dvd-r from Luminous:


(TwiceaJudas) #3


Thanks alot, I appreciate it very much!

(Mannaja) #4

This one sucks, like all Gianni Crea westerns.

(TwiceaJudas) #5

I finally recieved on DVD and it was very disappointing. I got it because William Berger was the Crow who, I believe had only Ten minutes of film time.

(Bluntwolf) #6

“On the third day arrived the crow” by Gianni Crea is one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever !!! The actors suck (except Billy Boy of course), camera is very sorry, music is antz in the pants, and the story, oh forget about it !!! Not even Billy is able to save this piece of trash and appears only for a few minutes anyhow !!!

Anyway, who likes trashy westerns will be delighted !!!

(TwiceaJudas) #7

I here you on that. I actually had to pop a lower tab just to relax and sit through this one. You almost want to commit suicide!!! :-[