Official Spaghetti Western Box Office Gross thread---Just ask!

LOL glad you got a copy! The reference library at my University (when I was still in school) had it and there were other volumes that covered other years as well.

But like I said before. The Italian box office is not always an accurate estimation of a film’s world wide impact.

You can see that the Franco and Ciccio comedies out grossed most of the Djangos and Sartanas (I’m sure the German numbers would have been way different here).

Also you can see that Italian horror was not successful domestically at all. Italians of that time were not horror fans. Mario Bava films did abysmally for the most part.

Suffice to say, the Italian movie goer of the 60s and 70s had a unique taste.

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Gemma could do no wrong in those days. His box office numbers were absolutely insane.

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That is the thing which has surprised me most so far. His numbers are shocking for the most part.

I should make a correction to my earlier statement. Its not that Italians didn’t like horror, they loved horror from other countries but could care less about the horror of their own!

has this link been posted before?

I think we have but can’t remember when. makes for interesting reading