Offensive Films

I was just wondering… Pink Flamingos came up in another thread and got me thinking about when I first watched it many years ago how I found it offensive and turned it off

Then I started thinking about how nowadays I generally am not offended by anything, and usually find myself either laughing or thinking about why it is provoking a reaction from me- which to me seems much more rewarding an experience than getting upset

Do you ever find any films offensive or not at all? If so, which ones?

Are we talking about moral values that are offended by a movie. If it is so, then Not many films are regarded as offensive by. Not because I have no moral values, but I accept movies to go beyond them and play with them.

I think the acceptance of so called offensive movies has to do with your own ability of tolerance.

So some movies mioght be tasteless, but not really offensive to me.

Of course I could think of offensive movies that are beyond any way of accepting their content. For example if a movie would openly praise the advantages of paedophilia.

It’s very rare if I found any film offensive, usually I just like really provocative films like Pink Flamingos mentioned above.

Lately only one I turned off in halfway was Lars von Trier’s Manderlay. I don’t like most of Trier’s films anyway but this one was especially offensive, offensive to people’s intelligence. It was preachy, racist, badly made, badly acted. Disgusting film!

I am not really offended by much.

The Nekromantik films are not to my taste, as shagging dead people / body parts is not my thing. I find the whole concept in these films sick.

Well I’m usually offended by movies with stereotyped and negative depictions of Asian americans. Its tough being an asian when the two most famous asian americans are William Hung and Tila Tequila LOL.

Surly the Mr. Yamaguchi character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is high on my list of offensive depictions but I try to not let it detract from an otherwise excellent film.

Also the Joy Luck Club I found offensive because one of the girls is in an unhappy relationship with a chinese man who treats her like shit. At the end of the movie she is is a happy relationship with a white guy. Moral of the story? White guys make better husbands/boyfriends than asian guys. LOL. The fact that this movie was made by Asian Americans kind of makes it even more rediculous which is hard to top since its 2 hours of overly sentimental mushy crap in the first place.

Also in Charlies Angels where Lucy Liu has John Cleese as her daddy. Wait a minute…was she adopted or something? I guess having an Asian daddy isn’t good enough in hollywood.

At the same time I don’t mind films with “South Park” humor since they are pretty much supposed to be offensive and its a necessary component of the humour.

I can agree with this. I’ve found that as I’ve grown in my understanding that we all live in different worlds and no one sees anything the way I do, I generally am pretty hard to upset.

Don’t really have any experience with these kinds of films yet… and there’s definitely some completely wildly disgusting stuff out there on the darker underground “horror” circuit

I can understand where you’re coming from there Col. Douglas Mortimer. I run into a bit of trouble with westerns at times as I have some Native American in me (cherokee) and lots of stereotypes going on in these films… but then its a bit different from what you’re describing and certainly not as recent… I tend to write westerns off on that kind of thing as existing in their own world, seperate from reality :wink:

I get offended by some westerns too, also due to the description of native americans.

The cannibal movie craze of the 70s/80s has some of the most offensive scenes around. I don’t watch them anymore.

Good call Silence. I love SW’s but they do not treat women, Mexicans or horses well at all.

As I’ve recently stressed, I find fulci’s horror movies rater offensive. Though I uually follow through to the end. I find the fact that Fulci’s highly praised use of gore is horrible misused and very exploitive of the audiences most basic instincts. And the fact that the gore is used mostly for gores sake. It serves no purpose to anything other than disgust us. But from what I’ve seen, the only films of Fulci’s that I find the gore works least is his horror films while FotA, Contraband, and a bitof Silver Saddle all have reasonable gore. Contraband is depicting a violent and dark criminal world where violence rules among violent men. Perfect use of gore here. FotA, much of the same.

Beyond Fulci horror and Hollywood blockbusters, there isn’t a whole lot that offends me in film.

K, gore is a sub genre of Horror movies. I love it. Just to see how some will outdo others with the effects. I do agree that it can be used better than others in some cases.

Yeah I agree. The feminists would have field day with SW and so would Mexican’s.

I think Mexican’s play the antagonists in 80 percent of the SW’s I’ve seen. The other ones are poor peons or priests. Occasionally you have a Sollima who goes against that.

aye, if you’re offended by gore, stay away from the cannibal movies…

i still like them myself, not that i agree with the stuff they did… but they definitely achieve a certain kind of effect

just curious if anyone’s familiar with the August Underground films… certainly worth mentioning in an Offensive Films thread

[quote=“autephex, post:14, topic:1970”]aye, if you’re offended by gore, stay away from the cannibal movies…

i still like them myself, not that i agree with the stuff they did… but they definitely achieve a certain kind of effect[/quote]

it’s the animal violence I do not like. I don’t care about the gore other than that.

Yes, when I first saw these films as a teenager, the thrill of seeing such taboo movies glossed over the revulsion I felt at the unstaged animal atrocities. I just put it to one side of my brain and concentrating on ‘enjoying’ the spectacle of people having their intestines and private parts digested.

I can’t imagine watching any of these again now, at least not in the same way. Maybe only Cannibal Holocaust, becuse it’s such a powerful piece of film-making all round. Sometimes the intensity of the art overwhelms your misgivings and inhibitions.

Yes, Cannibal Holocaust is really the only one I look at for the cannibal movies… I didn’t first see it until a few years ago, and I wasn’t able to put aside my revulsion as you say- I was pretty disgusted by it… but still recognized the power of the film, also as you say… I can’t think of any other film that has the same effect on me as Cannibal Holocaust, it is truely unique. Its definitely not something I get the urge to casually view

Things get very intense in the film at times.

‘beyond the darkness’ you can’t called this film an offensive but it’s very sick for most people
’maniac’ it’s offensive for the graphic violense against the woman, like american propaganda