Novels set on the West Coast?

Hi folks, hope I’m ok asking this here, but could anyone recommend some western historical-fiction set in any of the US or Mexican west-coast states, any time between about the 1860s-1910s?

I’m usually more of a maritime guy when it comes to historical fiction, but I’ve also had a big interest in the ‘old west’ history of the Pacific Coast region, so thought I’d ask if there were any decent western novels that used it as a setting.


Hi hama! Welcome to the SWDB!

I can’t vouch for them since I haven’t read them (I just had a search around the web in the hope of helping you with your query), but: Noel B Gerson (using the pen name Dana Fuller Ross) wrote a series of novels which went under the umbrella title of Wagons West, and many of those appear to be about trails into Oregon or California territory, or about Californian settlers or the California gold rush. Also - although this may be a spot further north than you wanted - Kerry Newcomb appears to have set at least a couple of novels up in British Columbia: Creed’s Law for sure, set in Calamity Bay, and possibly Scalpdancers too.

Worth a look, maybe. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome Asa, and the suggestions! Wagons West sounds familiar, I think there was an old film with that title, not sure if it was based off the books though. I know you said you hadn’t read them, but for anyone who has would you be able to say how the Native side of that history is dealt with? I’m of Nez Perce and Walla Walla descent myself so I’m always on the lookout for westerns that might take a shot at dealing with our side of the history, and if the Wagons West series covers events like the white settlement of Oregon I’d be curious to know how it handled that.

Also I’m perfectly open to stuff set up on the Canadian west coast too, the only reason I didn’t initially mention it is because I don’t know their history as well, so I wouldn’t have as much background going in to some historical fiction set there. I’ll have a look for some previews or reviews of the books you mentioned. :slight_smile: