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I needed a place to promote some non-western reviews, so I’ve started this:

feel free to contribute. let’s keep it fairly euro(-exploitation) centered…

it is closely tied in (at least by me) with , my column at The Deuce.


(Bad Lieutenant) #2

Alberto De Martino’s Crime Boss added.

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(Bill san Antonio) #4

[quote=“Sebastian, post:1, topic:1316”]feel free to contribute. let’s keep it fairly euro(-exploitation) centered…[/quote]I agree. Maybe it would be a good idea to cover some sw influenced non-westerns here too. Well as long as there won’t be any reviews of new superhero films I’m pleased. :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #5

yes, although I would personally prefer to see non-mainstream type genre/cult/independent films favored over films such as, just as a wild example, Appaloosa.

I know this sounds selfish, but one reason I started that page was to draw at least a few more clicks over to The Deuce as well :wink: Inter-linking the three websites I’m running is a high priority for me, but of course doesn’t have to be for you

(Silence) #6

We could use already existing reviews from The Grindhouse Database.

(Sebastian) #7

what would be the point of that? you can write them at the gcdb and link to them…, no need to duplicate stuff across websites that belong together I think

(Silence) #8

Yeah, you have a point. We could take a part from the review and in the end of that part we could add a link called ‘Read the full review’.

(sartana1968) #9

five for hell 1969 by parolini

(Sebastian) #10

A great place to also read about, and publish, reviews, rants and other texts about movies is Furious Cinema, which we have just launched…

if anyone wants to guest-author articles for FC, pm me

(kit saginaw) #11

cult-films, numerically… (that I’ve seen)

The OneJet Li
something with ‘two’ in the title… hard. Two Mules For Sister Sarah doesn’t fit the criteria… I don’t remember seeing Double Dragon or Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Double Team, but I vaguely recall seeing Van Damme’s Double Impact.
Sergeants 3Sinatra, Martin
4 For TexasSinatra, Martin
The 5 Deadly Venoms… Shaw productions
something with ‘six’ in the title… I can’t think of any I’ve seen
The Savage 7Adam Rourke
The Devil’s 8Ralph Meeker
something with ‘nine’… I saw The 9 Tailors, but I can’t recall many scenes
10 Tall MenBurt Lancaster
Ocean’s 11Sinatra, Martin
The Dirty Dozen… nuff said
The 13 Ghosts… Corman productions