Non-Western Corner

I needed a place to promote some non-western reviews, so I’ve started this:

feel free to contribute. let’s keep it fairly euro(-exploitation) centered…

it is closely tied in (at least by me) with , my column at The Deuce.


Alberto De Martino’s Crime Boss added.


[quote=“Sebastian, post:1, topic:1316”]feel free to contribute. let’s keep it fairly euro(-exploitation) centered…[/quote]I agree. Maybe it would be a good idea to cover some sw influenced non-westerns here too. Well as long as there won’t be any reviews of new superhero films I’m pleased. :slight_smile:

yes, although I would personally prefer to see non-mainstream type genre/cult/independent films favored over films such as, just as a wild example, Appaloosa.

I know this sounds selfish, but one reason I started that page was to draw at least a few more clicks over to The Deuce as well :wink: Inter-linking the three websites I’m running is a high priority for me, but of course doesn’t have to be for you

We could use already existing reviews from The Grindhouse Database.

what would be the point of that? you can write them at the gcdb and link to them…, no need to duplicate stuff across websites that belong together I think

Yeah, you have a point. We could take a part from the review and in the end of that part we could add a link called ‘Read the full review’.

five for hell 1969 by parolini

A great place to also read about, and publish, reviews, rants and other texts about movies is Furious Cinema, which we have just launched…

if anyone wants to guest-author articles for FC, pm me

cult-films, numerically… (that I’ve seen)

The OneJet Li
something with ‘two’ in the title… hard. Two Mules For Sister Sarah doesn’t fit the criteria… I don’t remember seeing Double Dragon or Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Double Team, but I vaguely recall seeing Van Damme’s Double Impact.
Sergeants 3Sinatra, Martin
4 For TexasSinatra, Martin
The 5 Deadly Venoms… Shaw productions
something with ‘six’ in the title… I can’t think of any I’ve seen
The Savage 7Adam Rourke
The Devil’s 8Ralph Meeker
something with ‘nine’… I saw The 9 Tailors, but I can’t recall many scenes
10 Tall MenBurt Lancaster
Ocean’s 11Sinatra, Martin
The Dirty Dozen… nuff said
The 13 Ghosts… Corman productions