Ninja Say Your Prayers (2010, Harm Siepel)

Freshly edited today and uploaded on glorious Youtube, in crap quality, I present you the first scene of this upcoming ninja crapfest. It involves a ninja and fireworks. What more could you ask for?

Expect about 70 more of mindbending ninja clips like this one from me in the course of this year, and then I got a movie 8)

Loose the ninja and the fireworks and you may actually have something there :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Can’t wait for the next installment which will hopefully contain a bit more ninja-action and not just the reflection of one :slight_smile:

That masked marauder looks strangely familiar. Does he turn up later in a white suit?

Great opening.
Maybe you’d better change the script into an Al-Qa’ida movie
You’ll get far more response and attention with it than with a Ninja movie
(And you’ll probably be slaughtered by a muslim extremist and subsequently become immortal)

Nice fireworks, BL.

Are you a dogma filmer?

And the Oscar goes to…

Haha, I’d settle for a Razzie.

When looking back at it a couple of times I myself had this terrorist association. Especially because I added the war sounds. It will become clear soon that it’s a ninja though. And yes, there will be bloodshed! And ass kicking of course, dumb ninja trickery etc.

The white suit will appearin the film too. As a gangster type figure or something.

You could say I’m a dogma filmer, yes. But not by choice, it’s more of a budget thing.

I’m heading off to Austria tomorrow to go skiing, but I’ll be taking the ninja along as well. Ninja with mountains in the background. Ninja on skis etc. Hehe, lovely! Can’t wait. Anyway, the film will get better than this particular clip, Søren! (not much though, I’ll be true to the Godfrey Ho spirit)

Have fun
and make some nice shots outhere!

Sounds like good idea taking the Ninja to a colder climate … I guess the next couple of clips will be like The Great Silence just with ninjas !?

Have a nice vacation either way, amigo !

Thanks, guys.

I promised a scene for today. Made a storyboard for it last night and it was to take place in the shower. But the lighting was terrible, so I´ll take it on holiday with me and will shoot it there.

Of course in the snow you need a white ninja. I just came up with a great idea that a ninja is covered in the snow and you only see his head. He then jumps out and start wreaking havoc.

I´m not aiming for a Ninja Corbucci film, more like a Ninja Fidani. Let´s hope it doesn´t turn out to be a Ninja Crea… But ninjas in the snow I ahven´t seen a lot, so that´ll be something slightly original. Hope my brother in law wll cooperate in a ninja duel or something. Or perhaps my dad, who is also in Attack of the Trash Can, who can portray some white Mr. Myjagi type character. Possibilties are endless, haha.

Harm Siepel, The Netherlands own Ed Wood :wink:

I think you’ve already surpassed him.

I was thinking, ninja mask of course, but otherwise naked female, ::slight_smile: here? If not, never mind … I’m very much looking forward to the next installments anyway.

Haha pretty neat, BL. Hopefully the next instalment will have some action in it. It’s still good, however.

Been working for a couple of hours now on the next scene. Visually it´s done. Now the sound fx. Will be done and uploaded within a few hours, I hope.

Here´s a still:

Well, here’s the next installment from the Dutch Ed Wood (I like that one, hehe). Not the shower scene, but something a bit more philosophical. Including title card.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Shower scene will be up in a couple of days. An that one will contain some action. No females though. Got no budget for that :’( Shot the footage already, but need to edit it. You might think there won’t be a plot, but there will be. It’s all gonna make sense.

… like the design of leaves.
Intriguing stuff BL - and looking somewhat slick if I may say, compared to the night shots. I’ll wear the t-shirt when it comes out ;D

That was simply…Amazing.


T-shirts are not a bad idea!

Gotta get some fights in there, so will have to bribe some friends with beer to participate. I’m thinking some Bud Spencer & Terence Hill sound fx for those. For now I’m the only available actor, but a couple of scenes like these won’t harm the flick. The outcome of the whole thing will probably be quite eclectic as there’s also going to be some comedic aspects (intentional an unintentional).
Next up will be a black gloved killer who sneaks up on the white ninja, who’s taking a bath.

Cool stuff, BL. It’s much better than your first instalment. Lots of overt symbolism here to get the high-brow critics on your side! :wink: