Nieves navarro interview

Maybe you’ve seen this already but I’ve found this on the web. Its spanish only so I tried to babel fish it was all nonsense. Anybody care to translate?

Well I can not tranlate the all thing, but just a few topics

She says Yull Brynner a very nice man was shorter than her, and in one scene that they entered side by side in a saloon thay had to put something belw him.
Tomas Milian when filming in Spain always wanted is doble to be a Italian that was is friend, he said that he looked more like him, but what happened is that the guy was is friend, and they liked to Party around (the poor spanish doble seat down whithout doing nothing) but she says that Milian wasn’t gay.
Guilamo gemma was very reservated and quiet, and Lee van CLeef and all tha American Actors stopped working at 5 o’clock PM (they aleways had that clause in their contracts) all the others keep on working no matter what, ;D nice one .
She also says that filming in Italy Comparing with Spain, things were more organized, always all things ready everthing prepared in Spain was more it as it goes, like “theres something, Ok will film that scene prepared for tomorrow” and things like that.
She didn’t filmed in Portugal ;D
She says a Funny thing, she talks about Giallos and that after ther Eurowestern, were the movies that being made at the time and she went with the wave, but she says that for her one perfect Giallo the one she likes more is Seven With Brad Pitt (good point)

She still a very good friend of Edwich Fenech. So am I :wink: friend forever

After the Giallos, started the emmanuelle movies to became sucesseful, she says she didn’t like do does ones, it was difficult for her to naked in front of 30 people but she needed to put food on the table.

For god sake I didn’t Know the budgets were so tight at the time, or they spended all on cocaine, well it’s true that she didn’t end up like Karin Shubert ou Marisa Mell.
She says that was a god friend of Laura Gemser, she Laura was very inlove with Gabriele Tinti, and that tehy are always together.

She says that acting was a very though profession, than one time she worked for two days in a row, only stoping for eating she and the crew, They rented an airport for the picture so ( it must have been a small one I hope).

From all the genre the one she liked more were the Giallo

And frtom all the directors she worked the one she prefered was Duccio Tessari

Sorry not tranlating all but I Hope I got the important topics

Adios Camaradas

Thank you so much. I appreciate the translation.