New (Old?) Spaghetti Western Independent Film

This is probably premature - as we are only halfway through principal photography and we’ll be in post production for what could easily be a year - but I wanted to float these channels out there in case it piques anyone’s interest enough to follow us along on our journey.

I want to preface by saying our goal is not to repackage Spaghetti Westerns for a modern audience - but rather to simulate a “lost” Spaghetti Western. Imagine a scenario where you have seen every authentic Spaghetti Western ever made - and then suddenly someone found yet another one buried in the archives somewhere. What would that 50 year old film look and feel like?

This actually looks really cool! I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be to make as like, a fan film, a classic spaghetti, but putting it in Pan-and-Scan and hardcoding Greek subs and VHS tape damage. What all are you planning on doing to provide the “lost spaghetti” feel? Will you be using squibs? Live audio or dub everything? “Borrow” music from other spaghettis?

Hey thanks for the support.

My final decision on Squibs can best be answered in my post on the subject here:,3895.0/topicseen.html

Everything will be ADR and Foley.

Writing and recording all of the music with my band in the vein of Ennio The Great. I wont have the orchestra breadth but it should capture the spirit. Lots of guitars and chanting vox as well as substituting low toms for timpani’s and things like that.

Ah, I remember that thread! Great to see this actually coming to fruition!

Are you involved in this project too?

Yes Jonny Powers, it’s been a long time coming, and so very far to go.

I am unfamiliar with that project JonathanCorbett.

This is really rad. Awesome!

For any interested number crunchers out there – One short film shot over 10 days is going into post production with 847 clips sorted into 257 folders at 193 GB.

Here goes nothin’

Our official poster…

[quote=“Guanto, post:9, topic:3429”]Our official poster…


That looks so fucking cool!

That title is quite something. But the tagline, shouldn’t it be ‘never mind’ instead of ‘nevermind’? Or is that a Nirvana reference?

Thanks guys!

The one word usage was intentional, to give it a weirder feel. Whether that’s a colloquial vibe or perhaps a lost in translation kind of thing.

I also think it just looks cooler. Kind of an ongoing motto of our production - style over substance - ;D

And yes of course, even the loosest of Nirvana references are always welcomed by us.