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Is there much of a difference between the English and Italian cuts of FISTFUL OF DOLLARS? There’s a new disc coming from Ripley’s in Italy with Italian 5.1 and English mono audio. Are they the same version or has one of the tracks been synched to the other. Its a 2 disc set. Here is the link:[/url]

EDIT: Just checked and there seem to have been two previous Ripley’s editions with English and Italian audio with the same cover including this one ( and another marked “edizione restauata” ( or whatever and besides this third version above with a new cover, there is a 4 disc edition coming out in December [url=]

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4 discs? what’s on there?? haha that’s crazy

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[quote=“Sebastian, post:2, topic:1395”]4 discs? what’s on there?? haha that’s crazy[/quote]I’ve got a 3 disc Japanese one, but 4! must be a load of extras on it then or is one of the discs a soundtrack?

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Any word if they were also releasing a blu-ray version? If so, will it have English dub and region free?

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Yes, there will be Blu-ray release of “Per un pugno di dollari”. I posted this news on 33 page of DVD News Topic. Now, on the link you can find more information about release. It will have English audio but don’t know in which format.

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The Italian Blu-Ray is reviewed at DVDBeaver It is 1080p with Italian TrueHD 5.1, Italian mono, and English mono as well as English and Italian subtitles. The extras are not English-friendly but the image looks impressive.