Need help with this spaghetti duo, please?


I’m going mad in not finding this, I’m pretty sure this is not the Ringo duo of movies but from what I can remember the premise it pretty close to those:

Both movies have the main character (same in both) played by the same actor (pretty sure) and I’m pretty sure the director is the same as well. The one thing I remember about them is that even though the character has the same name the sequel is not really a straight follow up (as in the case of the Ringo movies). It’s as if they just used the same character because he was popular. I also kind of remember them to have been made within the same 2 years (again, as with the Ringo movies).

Sadly my memory regarding the story is very vague but I remember I was taken by surprise how good they were. I think it had the usual “one stranger entering a town where he is looked down upon at first but ends up saving the day”-story. It was more towards the serious westerns, not full of humour.

The character might have been connected to the law enforcement in one of the movies but then more like a lone gunman in the other. I remember there was som kind of difference between the characters somehow.

Thanks for any help!

Stranger in Town - The Stranger Returns perhaps?
Any other details u might remember?

Yes I actually stumbled upon those when “googling” today. I just don’t get any flashbacks like I should when watching the trailers…hmmm

It think one of the movies were pretty bleak, like “High Plains Drifter”-bleak. Dark.

If you’re misremembering them as Ringo movies, then perhaps Arizona Colt, which stars Giuliano Gemma, and the very different Arizona Colt Returns, with Anthony Steffen?

The Clint the Stranger movies with George Martin?

Or maybe something like Django the Bastard and - let’s say - A Man Called Django?

Thanks a lot!

I do get a flashback when seeing Anthony Steffen in the Django the Bastard - trailer. Think this might be one of the two.