Name this western comedy

(Sandra Bourgeois) #1

What is the name of this western comedy? A cowboy was eating and asked what it was. The other cowboy replied “ew” because he has no tongue and can’t say “stew”. From the 1980’s or early 1990’s? I want to find this movie to watch but can’t recall the name!

(Wilco Vedder) #2

You do not remember any more? I was thinking about “The cowboy way” but then the calf scene would have made more impression :rofl:
They are talking about eating meat a lot in this picture but I can not find the lines you mention.

(Sandra Bourgeois) #3

Sorry LooneyElmerFudd, my husband and I only remember LOL and we use this funny scene whenever we have “ew”.
I have become more interested in watching western comedies. So far I’ve watched Rustlers Rhapsody, My Name is Nobody, The Wackiest Wagon Train…, Support Your Local Sheriff. Perhaps it is in History of the World? Or something like Blazing Saddles. Thanks for your help!