Name of western film can anyone help

I have been trying to track down a movie that i have seen a couple of times in the last 35 years…the story line is group of cowboys/gun runners trying to smuggle a cannon/gun on wheels across hill and dale and hideing the gun as they we,re trying to deliver it to mexican revolutionaries or something along those lines( i think)…this was a long time ago trying to remember exact details is a little cloudy…all i can tell you it is NOT cannon for cordoba,The pride and the passion,guns for san sebastian,the gatling gun…so has anyone got any ideas…The only other film that i have tracked down is a film called Y LES LLAMABAN SATANAS(maybe LOS HIJOS DE SATANAS)or THE SONS OF SATAN…this is to do with a cannon but i cannot seem to find a name or if it is available in english…any ideas on this film and maybe others …thank you…not" Aquasanta Joe "either

Its been a while since I’ve seen the film, but perhaps the film in question is Django (1966)?

If it really is about a cannon, then Django is not the one

Could be Charro, with no else than Elvis in the lead; here’s a clip (with the cannon in it):

I believe the movie that youre searching is Acquasanta Joe.

thanks for the help so far,but it is probably just me …can you tell me where to go to find my old message that was sent to the forum…I would like to refine the search and search for other info about a western…sat here for ages but just cannot find the old question thank you,2547.msg91700.html#msg91700

Please can you put your two gallon hats back on…
I am still trying to track down the movie with a cannon/gun on wheels being smuggled accross hill and dale by a group of outlaws/gun runners/bandits maybe…as far as i can remember its destination was the mexican revolution or opposition army…all i can tell you it is not CANNON FOR CORDOBA…AQUASANTA JOE…THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION …CHARRO… OR THE GATLING GUN…thank you all for your help so far but maybe we can crack the whip one more time

Iono it really does sound like cannon for cordoba,but u seem sure it’s not

Scott Mary…thanks for your help but it is not" cannon for cordoba".but i appreciate all the help from our westerners,I,m still om the case so please keep them coming.B F N PEDRO