Mystery of railway station esperanza/navajo joe

Here is another map… Not sure if you seen this one but another to ponder over lol

I don´t like work, but since it is a rather free of will project I am not out yet :slight_smile:

No Hombre… I mean just when time look on the lower routes that was or around Colmenar… I do know and understand its time time time… Been on the case for years…

I have been Google-traveling near Colmenar Viejo and other lines around Madrid area today (and before) and found nothing interesting.
Also the last few days in the provinces of Murcia, Alicante and Valencia along both abandoned and current lines.

If ESPERANZA was located around Madrid, in Andalucia, Murcia or around Valencia I think I ought to have been unlucky not to have stumbled on the correct location and identified it as a strong candidate.

So its still a mystery.

The main scarce and therefore very important differentiating clues must be

  1. the special type of telegraph poles (have to be seen on old photographs from the 1960’s at or near the location) and
  2. the type of dark green smooth broad hills with lot of trees.
    Both these items are seldom seen i southern part of Spain in my experience.

The several abandonded lines “near” or north of Huelva can be seen at Google. It is amazing that such a line can be up to maybe around 50 kilometers and clearly be seen in spite of no existing railway. This is the case with the line from Zarza to Huelva.

Also northwest of Sevilla there are some lines.

I have “Google-travelled” along all or nearly all of them the last few days.
So far an ESPERANZA candidate has not been observed by me, but at least you CAN find several of the wished dark green smooth broad hills here and there in Andalucia, but no with an apropriate railway abandoned or not nearby. These hills tend to be positioned on an otherwise flatland.

Gracias por tu ayuda Amigo… Mi Hija esta terminando Universidad en Julio… Nosotros iremos al Hogar pensionista Guadix… Ja Ja.

Thanks runner… I think my next move is to go to The old peoples home in Guadix not Pinar… Just maybe someone could have been associated with Railways… Guadix being one of the main stations being home to the choo choo train. We leave not one stone unturned.Pedro

Good luck with that move, even if I feel it might be a longshot but sometimes they are necessary and actually hit :slight_smile:

It pops up more and more old station photos on the Ferrocarril Andalucia Facebook including from around 1966 but so far probably not the needle in the haystack, but if it do this needle wouldn´t hurt :wink:

HA HA. Good luck your end as well.

Just to emphasize that Piñar must be ruled out due to our “witness” it seems very clear that the current station house was located at the same place in 1966, and therefore ruling out this station. I must conclude that the probability for that is more close to 100 % than 99 % (mathematically not ruling out 99.6 % for example :slight_smile: )