Mystery of railway station esperanza/navajo joe

ferrocarril en Andalucia… april 26. 9-38 ish

I see the post April 26 with this picture etc, and have read the comments. But you may explain further what your idea is :slight_smile:

Aha, some elder(?) post or new (?) says it is Baul. Let’s see…

I see no ressemblance at all at Baul station (initially !) . You can view the spot rather well on Google Street View and also more distant overview with Google 3D.
What about the background and a lot of buildings nowadays ?
The green hill at the northeast side of Piñar has a fairly good match in the movie on the side where Joe rode off but at that distance Baul seems rather flat in all directions.
The distant hills in the northeast direction of Baul are “rocky” and not smooth, so they are not significantly better without manipulation, but that direction of the railway seems OK with its turn to the left but then they must have built another station house more close to road GR-7100 which at least now exists, and built tracks probably (There were three tracks at Esperanza ). The position of the existing old station house is most likely out of the question.

But there IS a Calle Esperanza in Baul :slight_smile: But also in Piñar pueblo…

Sorry… I think that was an older post… Can,t seem to show you what i was looking at… Keep looking at ferrocarill posts an my post around 26th April… we have a few replys but still the same as we already know and you,ve looked into… But i,ve had a nice private message to say all is being tried but we must be patient. lol. how many more years ha ha… Pedro

Yes I am in no hurry :slight_smile:

The rest of the message was . But be prepared to wait now… Pedro.
I,m starting to think when it comes to PINAR station i will have to go back for 4th time and go into the Hogar pensionista… Some of the old boys would never look at or use a computer…

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Good. I think that the hottest clue regarding Piñar is the manipulation clue from

WHY is the telegraph pole cut on the movie still AND exactly at the height of the background hills ?

I should add that possible manipulation suggested above does not necessarily point to Piñar as ESPERANZA, but it is aquired for such a location but maybe for another alternativde location where the background mountains for some unknown reason also could have been considered to be “disturbing” for the movie.

It isn’t cut … the background image is overexposed to allow us to see the actors in the shaded light foreground.

The over exposure causes this effect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep up the good work on this thread!

I have been doing some research on the Calahorra, Alquife, Gor and the Hernan-Valle rail locations for a future trip and was reviewing this thread but unfortunately can’t offer much help here.
I agree that most of these locations look unlikely for Esperanza - I also looked at VIllamanta.
IMDb has film locations for this movie in Colmenar, Guadix, Torremocha/Uceda.
The Filmgoers guide to Sw’s mentions locations Castile also.
On a side note, the Wells Fargo express from Navajo Joe was also used in 7 guns for the macgregors - shot in Colmenar.

I am pretty sure the rail shots in Navajo Joe when the train was attacked/stopped were shot in Calahorra - I compared the dvd to google maps looking both towards Baza and Calahorra castle - this is not listed as a location. Some of the earlier train shots (with narrow rocky passage) may be near Hernan-Valle.

You have little to go on for Esperanza with a station/water tower (I assume these are gone) and a bland hilly background. The exit from the train seems to have a rocky hill on the opposite side to the station.
Anywhere with 2 tracks could be Esperanza - most of the rail lines mentioned have 1 track.

I use google maps a lot to find locations but with limited street view along rail tracks, it is hard to verify locations. Also, towns that are now more built up, make it harder to find locations.

That is my pennies worth.
Where exactly in the Pinar station?

Thank you Aldo, I know nearly nothing of film making and practising fotography but I understand that your explanation is logical. So that clue should not be a clue after all. A narrow but possible way out of the mysterious “fog” has now been shut down, even if a manipulation theory cannot be ruled out regarding the movie itself. WHERE are there such smooth, even, hills in Andalucia (or near Madrid area including Colmenar Viejo) as in the scene when the train arrives to ESPERANZA ?

Hi ! I have studied the train scenes carefully and agree about the non-ESPERANZA scenes being shot around the Guadix railways area including La Calahorra - Alquife line and some different spots between Guadix and Hernan Valle.

If 7 guns for the macgregors - was shot in Colmenar, its new for me since I rembember having only viewed scenes on the railways near Guadix as well.
I should check it out !

It IS interesting since ONE scene with cutting telegraph line obviously was shot in Colmenar Viejo and NOT near Guadix-La Calahorra- Alquife, since the terrain is typical NOT like Almeria/Granada but rather that of Colmenar Viejo, and other scenes, riding with wagon etc, were shot there.

However it is very difficult to find a place similar to ESPERANZA and its even smoth hills in the background in Colmenar Viejo. I have never seen similar hills, regardless of where in Almeria/Granada (but haven’t looked everywhere of course)

Piñar has a green hill on the “correct” side of the tracks that fairly well match the hill in the movie. But it has not any “rocky small hill” near the tracks as in the movie, but it MAY have been blown away for the existing station building at Piñar.

Esperanza had a third track which probably ended near the platform. So has also Piñar even if it (now at least) passes the platform.

Otherwise it is the 8 nodes of telegraph poles clue which probably is important since both Iznalloz and Bogarre which are near had 8 nodes some years earlier.
IF a picture of Piñar around 1966 +/- some years shows 8 nodes in the same vertical configuration as in the movie, I would say that rather strongly would point at Piñar. Usually the number of nodes were different those days.

I have also studied Google maps 3D and street view for several hours or days and they are valuble tools in the search of ESPERANZA…

Mama mia. Que Pesadilla… se acaba el vapor…One or two interested in this Tema… lets just keep it going until someone involved with ESPERANZA… If they are still alive comes to the forefront . Ive been on this case for years without a conclusion… I have full time work so limited to time but as i have said before. If ESPERANZA WAS PINAR then someone in that village must know… When time i will get my ass into gear again for the fourth time and yak with the locals… In the meantime keep searching/theorying… Pedro

Oh I misunderstood and thought you meant ESPERANZA :slight_smile: So Piñar is the station between Iznalloz and the former station I think Bogarre on the Moreda-Guadix line.

By the way, I couldn’t find a train scene near Colmenar Viejo in a clip from the 7 pistols movie, only Guadix area.

Couldn’t such an effect be responsible for a similar difference between the fotos in post number 42 in this thread where the movie shot shows Joe dark in profile? My foto there is taken a short distance from Piñar station.

Or even regarding the “classic” view of the distant hills when the train arrives to ESPERANZA as in post number 32 ?

I should clarify that most of the 7 guns for the macgregors movie was shot in Colmenar (la Dehesa) - not sure about the train scene location!

Could you repost the photo for me? , as I’m not sure which images you’re referring to. :thinking:

Number 1 and 3 below.

I don’t see any major exposure problem here, except perhaps with frame 3 … as you mentioned, Burt almost in silhouette.

As the sky is still blue and not bleached out white (as over exposure will do) I’d say the exposure is correct - However, heat haze can often cause geographical features to look obscured or partially invisible.

Another version of the real view corresponding to my manipulated number 2 above.

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