Mystery of railway station esperanza/navajo joe

I think full-page frontcover ads about ESPERANZA in all spanish and italian newspapers and TV-comercials in all important channels might do the trick - if someone also promises a reward of say 1 million Euro for solving the mystery with solid evidence :slight_smile:

Well, maybe not, since then another “mystery” could occur - the mystery of finding some truth within all the possibly greedy fake proposals !

Regarding the possibilty of ESPERANZA station to be located in Italy I googled on Italian telegraph poles (in Italian) and found a person who collects the insulators which I call the nodes and via my wife’s Instagram account asked him if the recognized the configuration of the insulators 4 vertical x 2 insulators on the poles.

I got an answer and he pointed out that the Italian poles themselves usually come in pairs, which was also the case in this thread’s comment number 62 as the picture shows.

However he didn’t completely rule out that the classic shot from Navajo Joe at the station with the railway view and the hills in the distant background could be from Italy.

But I conclude that also from this angle, ESPERANZA station more likely was located in Andalucia, even if no plausible location at a current or abandoned railway has been found.

Hey There Runner… More nodes but single track lol.

Yeah, I get their new Facebook posts almost daily and have been looking at XY number of train/railway/station albums and each album Z times :slight_smile:

It seems incredible if we have overlooked some very interesting ESPERANZA station candidate (or a possible double track with a constructed temporary station between real ones) in Almeria-Granada, or even Jaen, Cordoba and Malaga (or even Valencia, Alicante, Murcia).

It should be easy to identify and recognize the ESPERANZA station background hills or backdrop as you put it, IF you encounter them somewhere and also could see the railway in the correct relative position, either on o photo or on Google Maps 3D, but it seems impossible to find it. I still think that Piñar is the least bad candidate but which anyhow should be ruled out with 100 % probability if there not was some or several “hokus pokus”.

I haven’t looked after a candidate 100 % systematically on Google Maps 3D meaning having made notes of that (since this is after all still pure play), but I have probably anyhow travelled along the possible railways at an average of around 3 times each or so, including known abandonded railways such as Subbetica olive train.

But the hunt must continue :slight_smile: