My western game

(H@gi) #1

Hi. I’m a big fan of western movies especially spaghetti so I decided to make a western game. I use game maker which is an easy to learn program. The game is called “For Some Gold”. You take the role of a mysterious gunslinger and try to make money by taking missions. Here you can find a demo and check the controls :

please tell me what you think of it. Any suggestions?
every feedback appreciated!

(Lode) #2

Hey it is much fun. Waiting for the full version :wink:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #3

Good , i found it amusing
i have one question, i know it’s just a demo but what are the people standing outside the buildings with a sign above their head for? (i tried to shoot them!)

(Lode) #4

You have to press Enter when you are standing next to them. They introduce you to the missions…

(Yodlaf Peterson) #5

Thanks i’ll have a look, i was just shooting everybody who moved! :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #6

it was fun, i enjoyed it, let everybody know when it’s done or more levels are added.

(H@gi) #7

ok. Thanks a lot for the support. For controls press F1.

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