Musicals: Do You Love Them or Hate Them?

I don’t mind them, Mary Poppins has always been my favourite

Mary Poppins is great.

I have just watched Across the Universe by Julie Taynor with music from The Beatles, mainly from their later psychedelic albums. Great songs and great arrangements (all songs are newly arranged and often sung by the actors).

It’s a love film (and for that a bit too happy endish), a time travel through the 60s, and of course a fascinating musical.

Highly recommended, especially for people who like the songs of the The Beatles.

I ended turning that one off. It was to much like an opera.

If I had a list of favorite musicals it would look something like this:

  1. Singin’ in the Rain
  2. Swing Time
  3. Gigi
  4. Funny Face
  5. My Fair Lady
  6. (In no particular order from now on) The Sound of Music
  7. An American in Paris
  8. Holiday Inn
  9. Easter Parade
  10. High Society

I hate them, West Side Story is just about the only one that I can stand.

[quote=“The Magnificent Gringo, post:24, topic:1890”]I hate them, West Side Story is just about the only one that I can stand.[/quote]ditto, just about the best musical ever made,although i also don’t mind Carousel, Rocky Horror Picture Show and funny enough “Sweeney Todd” but the rest forget it.

I can seee that not many people here are fans of musicals :slight_smile:

We like western operas instead :wink:

You guys can count me in with the ‘Hate’ camp . (Yes, capital there).

Not only is it that I dislike the over-acting and ‘plot’, I am also haunted daily by the whole surrounding media circus. It happens to be that just around the corner on the way to the train station is one of Holland’s biggest theaters. And every day I have to look at a huge 25x25 yard advertisement of very dubious graphical design (‘technicolor’ or something is what it currently says, well, I don’t doubt that).

This combined with hurds and hurds of desperate, semi-overweight, smoking and annoyingly excited housewives (no, not looking like terry hatcher) waiting outside of the theater a few times a week is not helping to paint a brighter picture of the kind of audience I always assumed.

generally i can’t stand them, but there are a few i can sit through

i did enjoy the recent Sweeney Todd, and although i say there are a few i like- i cannot think of any others… so maybe not

i’m not much for over the top styles and musicals are balls out

CRY BABY rocks, nothing like a rock-a-billy musical. It’s probably one of my most watched DVD’s. I tend to crank it up whenever i’ve got something to do in the shop. But besides that, i’m pretty indifferent to musicals. I don’t think i’ve ever seen another musical all the way through.

I must say that I hate them.

Any particular reason, or is it just a general dislike of people bursting into song?

No offense but I find the idea about people singing in a movie kind of weird.

No offence taken. I suppose if you nailed down what musicals are, it would say that they are (mostley) rom-coms that have people singing (and sometimes dancing) to express what they really feel. Looked at like that, I guess it is kind of weird.

I think the thing with musicals is the same as other genres. If you grew up with them they don’t seem weird and there is an ingrained level of fondness and acceptance of their conventions. I know that my love of westerns was born of early years spent watching TV and movies as a kid which I have never forgotten. I think one of the reasons many young people today are not interested in the genre is that they didn’t have that experience influencing them in their younger years. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to get into something later on. Just that it is harder and less likely to happen.

Hit the nail on the head!

A guy walks into a grocery store to buy an apple & Viola…
Apples, apples, I need to buy an apple & siiiiiiiing!
Most seem nonsensical to me but Phil’s point about being brought up on them makes sense & explains why I like Grease & Wizard Of Oz

I saw this earlier this year and thourght that it was one of the worst movies (never musicals) ever made. So Phil H must be right about being brought up with it.

There are the occassional musical even today though

Mamma Mia was a big hit last year in cinemas

Anybody seen it? By accident maybe? :wink:

The cast seems very strange for a musical, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth

I involuntary saw a part of it in school. Thank god we stopped watching it!

[quote=“Lindberg, post:38, topic:1890”]Mamma Mia was a big hit last year in cinemas

Anybody seen it? By accident maybe? ;)[/quote]
I’ve seen snippits of it. Why on Earth didn’t it get a Golden Turkey Award?