Movies you'll watch solely because of their posters (aka great posters)

Somebody recently mentioned here, I think it was on horror topic, that he watched some movie just because it had great poster. When I go to see movie for the first time I want to now as less as possible about it. But I have to somehow get the urge to go to see it, so if I see some great poster I’ll put it on my watchlist. I’ve recently watched Nightcrawler almost solely because of its poster and I think I’ll go to see this movie too of which I know nothing about (apart that I recognize the names on the poster):

So, old movies had better posters, but some new ones had them too (or maybe I am just falling for kind of retro posters like the two mentioned above). What movie you saw/will see just because you liked the poster?

None I can think of. Usually do the opposite …consider buying the poster if I like the film.

This one: :smiley:

But seriously, recent film posters I’ve liked are usually the ones I was going to see anyway, Dance of Reality being one for example.

He looks a proper dude :smiley: .

Hey titoli, this is a good idea! And what about posters of movies that were never realized? Jodorowsky`s projected version of Frank Herbert’s Dune would have been maybe a (bizarre) masterpiece IMO…

What about this one? Has anyone watched?

^At first I really wanted to see that, I thought it was a lost gem from the 1980’s that never got a UK release

Then I realised its one of those modern day “retro” style movies which I loathe and refuse to watch ;D

Too bad - poster looks really promising :-\

If I were sex-starved, posters may work…

I’m going to watch this movie tonight:

British version (No nipples, please, we’re Britisch) :-[

Continental version of The strange color of your body’s tears :smiley: