Movie poll!


You looking for trouble with Leone fans again, Silence!

I think it may be unfair to fox and Jolie are bad actresses. After all, who really pays attention to their acting?

Best Movie (IMO): GBU (and that’s not a shot at you, silence. It’s actually my fav movie.)
Worst Movie: Bourne films
Overrated: Avatar
Underrated: The Assassination of Jesse James
Saddest: The Road
Funniest: Big Lebowski

Best Actor: Burt Lancaster
Worst: Adam Sandler
Overrated: ?
Underrated: Richard Conte

Best Actress: Ava Gardner
Worst: Barbara Payton (she caused the fight between Tom Neal and Franchot Tone that caused hospitalised Tone. She died a penniless drug addicted prostitute.)
Overrated: Barbara Stanwyk
Underrated: Coleen Gray
Best Looking: Scarlett Johansson

Best Director: Clint Eastwood (Taking into account that almost all films he has directed have wrapped ahead of schedule and underbudget. Not to mention their good movies.)
Worst: Ed Wood
Overrated: Otto Preminger or Steven Spielberg
Underrated: Nicholas Ray

Most Important film: Wild Bunch

Cool idea for a thread - but it’s tough who to pick; Saddest film?

This type of poll would be impossible for me to even attempt.
But, I will add a comment, or two…based on some things my companero Silence wrote…

EL TOPO…best movie EVER? Really? Are you serious?
This just illustrates how friends can really see things differently.
I personally think EL TOPO is overblown, overrated, incredibly pretentious, and overall goofy.
Now, that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy some parts of it (there are a few really nice visual touches), but for the most part I think it is pretty bad.
I am even a follower of Zen and I get most of the messages the filmmaker wanted to put forth in EL TOPO, but I just don’t think he did a good job.
THE HOLY MOUNTAIN is a better film…and even it is a bit of a mess. Jodorowsky would be a good candidate for most overrated director, in my opinion.

I have to agree with you about THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY, however. I do find it overrated. But, folks that have known me for any length of time already know that! :wink:

… and we all had hoped (and prayed to the SWGod) you would have completely changed your mind about GBU in the last months.

Fell asleep last time I viewed The Holy Mountain.

Comes with old age, Mr. Prophet

Definitely. I found it pretty flawless… especially a few scenes are beyond anything I’ve watched before. But as we say in Sweden, the taste is like an ass!

Not seen Holy Mountain, I have it but haven’t seen it yet. Not too long ago I rewatched El Topo so I thought it felt a bit to close in time to watch it.

Yep, this is the good old Chris alright!

What you find as his good side I find as his dark side. :slight_smile:

I reckon so :slight_smile: .

Best Movie (IMO): OUATITW
Worst Movie:
Overrated: Fight Club/Woman in the Dunes
Underrated: Hanyo
Saddest: The Cranes are Flying
Funniest: His Girl Friday

Best Actor: James Cagney
Worst: Mike Myers
Overrated: Sean Penn
Best Looking (:P): Alain Delon

Best Actress: Anna Karina/Audrey Hepburn/Greta Garbo
Overrated: Marilyn Monroe
Underrated: Myrna Loy
Best Looking: Grace Kelly/Anna Karina/Paz Vega/Ginger Rogers/Meiko Kaji/Silvia Pinal/Audrey Hepburn

Best Director: Luis Bunuel
Overrated: Stanley Kubrick
Underrated: Guy Maddin

Most Important film: Stagecoach
Most personal film: Masculin Feminin
Most intriguing film: The Chinese Roulette

Best singing scene:[/url]
Best dancing scene: [url=]

I passed over to the Dark side years ago :wink: .

Best movie ever: Citizen Kane
Worst movie ever: Plan 9 from Outer Space
Most overrated: The Searchers
Most underrated: The Conversation/King of Comedy
Saddest: The ife and Death of Colonel Blimp
Funniest: Sons of the Desert/Duck Soup/The Bank Dick/Dr. Strangelove; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Best actor: (it changes all the time) Humphrey Bogart
Worst actor: Criswell
Most overrated: ?
Most underrated: Peter Lorre

Best actress: Rita Hayworth
Worst actress: ?
Most overrated: ?
Most underrated: Agnes Moorehead
Best looking: Marilyn Monroe

Best director: Orson Welles
Worst director: Ed Wood
Most overrated: ?
Most underrated: Michael Curtiz

Worst opening song: The song from “Charge” with Gianni Garko. Just watched it…Thats bad. Claudia Cardinale gets my vote for prettiest :slight_smile: Not the best of all time but one movie I really like that many people have never even heard of is “Clay Pigeons” Whats with the GB&U hating? C’mon…The 3 way shoot out at the end? Tucos character? I know its a little long but great stuff!

Yet strangely catchy. I still find it popping into my head randomly. :-[

Damn… I love that song.

Ya I think it’s pretty good.

Best movie ever: The Third man
Worst movie ever: Independence Day
Most overrated: Goodfellas, The Usual suspects, Pulp fiction, Fight club, The departed, The Searchers
Most underrated: Many none mainstream films are very underrated.
Saddest: Doctor Zhivago, The Elephant man

Best actor: a matter of taste
Worst actor: Tom Cruise
Most overrated: Kevin Spacey
Most underrated: William H. Macy, Robert Lee Ermey

Best actress: a matter of taste
Worst actress: To many to mention
Most overrated: Jessica Alba
Most underrated: can’t think of any
Best looking: Grace Kelly

Best director: Melville, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Lynch
Worst director: Lars von Trier
Most overrated: Lars von Trier
Most underrated: John Woo, Mario Bava,Clint Eastwood, walter Hill, Sam Peckinpah

Were it goes my two cents on the matter
Best movie ever: Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey from Dreyer
Worst movie ever: Branca de Neve/Snow White João Cesar Monteiro (no images, black screen and only sound like listening to radio in cinema)
Most overrated: The Searchers
Most underrated: Dracula Tod Browning
Saddest: Under the Olive Trees by Abbas Kiarostami, The Ascent/Voskhozhdeniye by Larrisa Shepitko, Bicycle thieves from the De Sica I don’t know
Funniest: Any Jerry Lewis film, Monthy Phyton, not so fun of comedies

Best actor: Christhoper Walken/Vittorio Gassman/Bill Murray/Max Von Sydow
Worst actor: Shit, Cantona?
Most overrated: Robert de Niro/Al Pacino
Most underrated: Alan Bates/John Hurt/James Coburn/John Mills (well he won an oscar)

Best actress: one performance Maria Falconetti overall Helen Mirren/Juliette Binoche…
Worst actress: I don’t know Pia Zadora, Koo Stark ?
Most overrated: Helen Hunt
Most underrated: Lina Romay
Best looking: Today Hummmmmm Emmanuelle Béart

Best director: Dreyer, Kurosawa
Worst director: One I like Joe D’amato (he was good really, but was happy to be bad)
Most overrated: Kubrick
Most underrated: Sidney Lumet, Costa-Gravas, Pontecorvo, Argento, Zurlini so many

The ones I must see every year once: GBU, Le Samourai, Derzu Uzala, Il deserto dei Tartari, Wild Bunch