Movie Fan Man Special Comments

Hello all SW Fans,

As I stated in my Introduction to this great fan forum, I have a blog at called Movie Fan Man: Cinema Connoisseur, where I write about all sorts of films. Now normally I’m a little hesitant and sensitive with comments as some people can be hurtful, but I figured with this Community being so supportive of each other, I wanted to do something special. I’m creating this open space for comments for anyone subscribed here to leave comments or questions regarding my SW write ups. Now I’m not as experienced as are many of you others here (I still have some films to see), so please take that into consideration with my writing. I’ll try to answer you queries as quickly as I’m able. Enjoy.

(One quick note: I’ll begin answering questions and comments the week of April 1, as I’ll be taking a two week writing break for my Birthday. Just want a give everyone a heads up)