Most overraded/underrated sw

Most Overrated SW:

  1. Django Kill
  2. Tepepa
  3. Four Of The Apocalypse

Most Underrated SW:

  1. California
  2. A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die
  3. Five Men Army

I clearly prefer your overrated ones, Tomobea

Mixture of both for me.

I can’t put my finger on it - but for some reason I really don’t like that Terence Hill Django one … Django - Prepare a Coffin.

didn’t we already had a topic like this?

At least one…

There is this one:,1701.0.html

that topic was only for underrated SW

Some overrated SW:

  • DEATH RIDES A HORSE (The film is good but not good enough for the top 20 or 30)
  • COMPANEROS (The same: The movie is good but not good enough for the top 20 or 30 :wink: )
  • Navajo Joe (OK Western. But far from Corbucci’s masterpieces)
  • Sabata (Movie with a few highlights. But I’m not a fan of this Sabata figure)
  • Johnny Hamlet (Average work of an average director)
  • And God Said to Cain (Lengthy piece of work. The attempt to cross a SW with a horror movie, this film managed only average. Or do we say it is ok, but not groundbreaking :slight_smile: )

Some underrated SW:

  • Duel in the Eclipse / Requiem for a Gringo
  • El Puro
  • Massacre Time
  • Sonora

For me the three most underrated SWs still are:

Bandidos (Top 10 for me)
Pistoleros (not a masterpiece, but with its pro-religious tendencies quite a unique spaghetti)
A Stranger in Town (underrated by some, notably Alex Cox, but he’s not the only one)


Four of the Apocalypse (awful movie, awful score)
Blindman (not my cup of tea)
Duck you Sucker (a handful of great scenes in a film that isn’t really bad nor really ugly, but simply not good enough)

It’s always a tricky thing

But from the ones I’ve seen more recently
Yankee and Black Killer seemed solid stuff and somehow diferent.

On the overrated side maybe "My name is Nobody/Il mio nome e Nessuno"
It’s always more dificult to say what’s overrated, it can be to some, and to others not, it would be easy if… I don’t Know, Django for instance was overrated (but it’s not).

[quote=“El Topo, post:11, topic:2440”]It’s always more dificult to say what’s overrated, it can be to some, and to others not,[/quote]Very true. For example, Stranger in Town is quite popular film among the fans but hated by critics, so can you really call it underrated?

This is a good objection.
One would have to distinguish between overrated popular movies and underrated unknown movies.

A Stranger in Town is certainly not unknown, but more widely known. But it is certainly underrated. For me, it is a masterpiece and in my top 20. :wink:

Btw, you haven’t prepared a strange(r’s) top 20 yet …

Oh, my Top 20 has become lately very strange.

I still have about 20 or 30 unseen films at home. If I have seen this, I’ll post my Top 20.
In my Top 20 are much Leone, Corbucci, Solima … And some exotics. :wink:
I think in two or three months, I’m ready for my final top 20.

Don’t make yourself illusions, there’s never a final top 20. :wink:

[quote=“The Stranger, post:15, topic:2440”]Oh, my Top 20 has become lately very strange.
… And some exotics. ;)[/quote]

Western Coconuts :wink:

You’re right. I have posted my current Top 20. :wink:,190.1320.html

Used to sometimes mention to people outside of Spaghetti fans that I liked to view the odd Spaghetti western from time to time. First thing the majority did was start humming the main title music of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Used to annoy me, so just say I like horror films with crazy killers in now…the more extreme the better. Usually works and shuts them up, which is fine with me ;D .