More 50 great lost films (the readers choice this time)

I was talking about this one:

[quote=“El Topo, post:1, topic:2391”]THE TOUCH – 1971 SWEDEN/USA
Ingmar Bergman
Never seen it or heard of it, Elliot Gould again, can be found only in VHS and a rare one, must find this one.[/quote]

Yeah but not in Britain, (although The Damned has been on TV). :’(

Like this one alot myself…have a copy from T.V.

It must’ve been more than 20 years since greek tv played those kind of flicks. I was lucky enough to find a tape in an ex-rental, it’s still a quite rare tape although it was released from the well known audio visual enterprises label.

I was trying out to find some Portuguese lost films, great or not, but what’s the use, most of it are “lost” even to me, and all of them are lost to the “outside” world so there’s no point. I’ll try to add something to the list but from Known people, so it can be considered lost.

In any case maybe some film from João Cesar Monteiro

Ulu Grosbard (who?)
Produced and on the main role there’s Dustin Hoffman, also with Theresa Russell, gary Busey, never hear of it must be good, no editions in Europe, for how long?

Straight Time is a great film in my opinion. One of Hoffman’s best and features a great supporting role by Harry Dean Stanton. If this isn’t available on DVD it should be.

I have a fullscreen dvd copy, but needs a decent widescreen release.

Wilfred Jackson and Harve Foster
It’s a Disney film do not know much about it, can be found only in VHS

Song of the South has probably not had a DVD release because of its horribly outdated depiction of black people. Pure racial stereotyping of the happy slave “Yes Massa, Sho’ nuff” nonsense that used to be commonplace in a previous age. A pity, as the animation techniques were very good for its time.

I saw the film many times as a kid, both in the cinema and on TV and used to like it as a youngster. It was one of the early examples of mixing live action and animated material together and featured (along with a mawkish tale of a privileged little boy who has a bad accident) the Brer Rabbit stories which I loved as a littlun.

I have heard that Disney have Song of the South locked away in the valuts, waiting for the right time and climate when they can release it on DVD in the USA and Britain.

strange list, how about London after Midnight? probably the most famous lost silent film.

It is great, Emmet Walsh also gives a great performance.
There was a remastered DVD in the US released by Warner Bros a couple years, but now its suddenly out of print… Still on Netflix though…

Yes, but when they say lost, they mean movies that are no longer availabe on DVD in the UK(?). So with The Last Movie, there are still prints of it, there just isn’t a DVD release of it, whereas London After Midnight, apart from some collectors who are rumoured to have it, there is no known print of it.

[quote=“John Welles, post:31, topic:2391”]Yes, but when they say lost, they mean movies that are no longer availabe on DVD in the UK(?).[/quote]That’s just ridiculous.

I know, they shouldn’t have used the word “lost”, 'cause they’re not.

Well continuing the 50 great lost films saga, being a Uncut magazine reader I will share with the board more 50 Great lost films, this time the list was made by the Uncut readers.
The definition of lost here it’s not of films that were never seen or something like that, but of films that have disappeared from the shelves, that are difficult to buy in any format and even to download which is a different thing.
The readers list it’s even more surprising and with titles that I was not expecting. I also gave my two cents and send them a list with films like Salut of the Jugger, some SW, a more international list with Spanish, French and South American films, from those in my list none appeared in the following, but there are a lot of quality films and some strange ones, really deserving some proper releases. Also note that that were talking of a British magazine, so this reflects more a British reality, there are films in the list that are easy to find in other countries.

Were it go then

  1. Night Moves – Arthur Penn 1975 USA
    Saw this one recently, brilliant film; script from Alan Sharp the same of Ulzana’s raid. I didn’t know it was so difficult to find, a mid 90 VHS and a 2009 R1 DVD now deleted, I taped from TV, if they made a new edition it’s an assured buy.

  2. The Conformist – Bernardo Bertolucci 1970 Italy
    I have this one (dvd-r) there’s a R1 dvd out of print, and a South Korean edition hard to find. Great film and I’m not the biggest Bertolucci fan.

  3. Napoleon – Abel Gance 1927 France
    Unavailable due to issues over the rights of the several versions, (from a film of 1927 I wonder) Coppola was involved in one of the film restoration projects. It’s considerate one of the most impressive mute films ever, I only saw some glances of it in the TV, but Albert Dieudonné image of Napoleon it’s pretty iconic.

  4. Safe – Todd Haynes 1995 USA
    Never saw it, with Julianne Moore, they say it’s hard to find in any format

  5. The Deep End – Jerzy Skolimowski 1970 USA
    Never heard of this one, but considered a lost classic with Jane Asher (always a good thing) and a Cat Stevens soundtrack, and public swimming baths, they say it’s a surreal and disturbing film gotta watch it, if I can find it that is.

  6. Island of Souls – Eric C Kenton 1932 USA
    An adaptation of Island of Doctor Moreau with Charles Laughton, banned in Britain until 1958 cause of some vivisection “against nature” only to be found in some double feature with the Vampire Bat also vintage terror (something for the Hammer fans then, and it’s not West Ham) with Bela Lugosi.

  7. The life and Times of Judge Roy Bean - John Houston 1972 USA
    Strange choice, pretty well known film, didn’t know it was so difficult to find In Portugal it isn’t

  8. Park Row – Samuel Fuller 1952 USA
    A Fuller I never saw, but I’m pretty sure it was in TV sometime. Must search this one, for my own Fuller collection.

  9. Medium Cool – Haskell Wexler 1969 USA
    Was the cinematographer for One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. With Robert Forster, something about the riots during the Democratic Convention in Chicago 1969, sounds interesting, and for some reason does not sound strange to me, but I don’t remember seeing it

  10. The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey – Vincent Ward 1988 Australia
    Australian film about some folks trying to escape the Black Death and end up in New Zealand, strange very strange the guy its compared to Malick, Lynch and Boorman UAU, it’s a must see for me.

  11. Minnie and Moskowitz – J Cassavetes 1971 USA
    Ah a Cassavetes, easy to find in this part of the world at least if you go to a FNAC store 8it’s their own edition so I guess it can only be bought there) or buy the newspaper (I got it that way).

  12. Mirage - Edward Dmytryk 1965 USA
    Only a R1 DVD!!! is it so hard to find this one? Didn’t know

  13. Hanna K. – Costa Gravas 1983 France
    With Gabriel Byrne never saw it actually, and like its film at least some.

  14. The Squeeze – Michael Apted 1977 UK
    A 70’s British gangster film with Stacy Keach, it’s a must see for sure, I never heard of it, but they say wonders.

  15. The World Greatest Sinner – Timothy Garey 1962 USA
    Story of a disillusioned insurance salesman who declares himself God (good idea, maybe then I can sell more insurance plans), admired by Scorsese and the late Luz Interior from The Cramps. Unavailable in any format, got a Zappa score by the way.

  16. Scarecrow – Jerry Schatzberg 1973 USA
    Easy to find in Portugal there’s a DVD edition, great film and great acting from Pacino and mainly for me from Hackman

  17. That man from Rio – Phillipe de Broca 1964 France
    Also easy to find. I got a French DVD very good film.

  18. Welcome to LA – Alan Rudolph 1976 USA
    Nice title, never heard of it my fault, but what a cast it got, from the director of The Moderns.

  19. Last Chance for a Slow Dance – Jon Jost1977 USA
    The directors spend two years in Jail for draft-dodging in mid 60’s America. Never saw it, killer-in-the-road movie, always interesting ones, this one full of country styles songs, sounds really good. The director is considered the true American underground filmmaker.

  20. Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - R Altman 1981 USA
    This one I saw (got a copy of an old VHS tape), Karen Black, Cher, very good film never on DVD, really hard to find, but does appear in TV from time to time.

  21. Strangers Kiss – Matthew Chapman 1983 USA
    With Peter Coyote only in VHS, but easy to find cause of the film it’s so obscure no one cares, never saw it and don’t know why it’s so unknown, it seems to be a homage to Kubrick early career.

  22. Thundercrack! – Curt McDowell 1975 USA
    Know nothing about this one, a weirdo hardcore curio it seems, can be compared to Pink Flamingos from john Waters, looks like something to watch, only available in bootlegs.

  23. The Gambler – Karel Reitz 1974 USA
    With James Caan, so got to be good, and it is, great film, did know it was so hard to find, well I don’t have it, also a fan of Who’ll Stop the Rain from the same director.

  24. Time of the Gypsies – Emir Kusturica 1988 Yugoslavia
    Amazing film, but easy to find in Portugal, only in VHS!!!

  25. The Keep – Michael Mann 1983 USA
    Good film with Scott Glenn, Ian McKellen and Prochnow, the usual Tangerine Dream soundtrack, it must be hard to find.

  26. Lo Straniero – L Visconti 1967 Italy
    An adaptation of Camu’s novel with Mastroianni and Anna Karina never got released, and had only a short commercial run, probably due to right issues. Why, this one it’s a must have

  27. The Reckoning – Jack Gold 1969 UK
    They say it pre-figures Get Carter by a couple of years, I’m afraid never heard of it, but Gold is a solid director

  28. The Last embrace – Jonathan Demme 1979 USA
    With Scheider must have pop up in the telly 8like most of Scheider films do), but I can’t remember seeing it, it seems its unavailable.

  29. The Great Silence – Sergio Corbucci 1968 Italy
    With … well I must remind the forum that we are (still) a small bunch on the great ocean of films. I will write the film presentation: “One of many films Kinski made in Italy during the 60s and 70s, this rarely seen SW, from genre master S Corbucci. Downbeat and violent, superbly directed, with Jean-Louis Tritgnant as a mute gunslinger and Kinski as a sniggering, sadistic baddle – plus a haunting score by Morricone”. I could not have said it better myself, it seems its difficult to find in the UK poor fellows.

  30. Fingers in a Landscape – Joseph Losey 1970 UK
    With Shaw and MacDowell how come I never heard of this one, not available? it’s a must have, Losey is a great director.

  31. The Hospital - Arthur Miller 1971 USA
    With George C Scott and Dianna Rigg that says it all, find it if you can, only a R1 DVD hard to find obviously.

  32. Violent Playground - Basil Dearden 1958 UK
    British crime film with an I believe David McCallum from NSCI series (and many others), available only in a bootleg DVD

  33. The Front – Martin Ritt 1976 USA
    Great film with Woody Allen in a film just as an actor (very rare thing), saw it in TV, don’t if it’s available in any format but it deserves to be.

  34. Looking for Mr Goodbar – Richard Brooks USA
    Great film with Diane Keaton and Tuesday Weld, only available in a 1997 VHS tape hard to find of course.

  35. Static - Mark Romanek 1985 USA
    Always heard wonders of this one, but never saw it myself with Amanda Plummer a very strange story of someone who claims he invented a TV that can tune in to Heaven, can be find only in Bootlegs DVD.

  36. Providence - Alain Resnais 1977 France
    Also got this one with Dirk Dogarde, a English speaking film from Resnais. I didn’t enjoy the film that much (found it boring), but that means nothing, only in VHS, but must be easy to find in France.

  37. A Thousand Clowns – Fred Coe 1965 USA
    With Jason Robards, another I never heard of, but even got an Oscar nomination, didn’t know the director, only in VHS and you know not easy to find.

  38. Beyond good and evil – Liliana Cavani 1977 Italy
    Cavani’s film are so uneven, never liked The Night Porter she got more good films in my view than that one, anyway never have seen this biopic of Nietzche, sounds interesting to say the least.

  39. King of hearts – Philippe de Broca 1966 France
    Second the Broca film, this one with Alan Bates, never saw it myself, but who saw it says wonders of it, considered a cult classic, De Broca films are easy to find in France at least.

  40. Italianamerican – M Scorsese 1974 USA
    Mama Scorsese appeared in the film (like in Goodfellows). Made while he was still a student there’s a VHS edition could cost more than $600 (English money, a lot in Euros also).

  41. A New Leaf – Elaine May 1970 USA
    A lost gem with Walther Matthau, I’ve seen it in TV, a great dark comedy only available in VHS.

  42. Duffy – Robert Parrish 1968 UK
    I’ve never seen Duffy, must solved this lack of respect with Coburn, but I didn’t know it was a so hard to find film, but it seems there’s no released at all.

  43. The year my voice broke – John Duigan 1987 Australia
    Do not know this Aussie effort, but won the Australia Film Institute Award, only in VHS and a now out of run 2000 DVD edition, all very rare to find, the film its very well praise.

  44. Saint Jack - Peter Bogdanovich 1979
    Oh this one I even mentioned in the Last film you saw topic, great film with an amazing performance of Gazzara and the also known as, you don’t wanna act with animals kids and Denholm Elliot. And yes I only saw it in TV, this gem of a film really deserves a proper released.

  45. Street People - Maurizio Lucidi 1976
    Roger Moore Stacey Keach (again) in an Italia Mafia film, I never saw it, but wanted to do so for a long time, also known as The Sicilian Cross or The Executioners, maybe in Italy not so hard to find.

  46. Good to go – Blaine Novak 1986 USA
    Another Novak film, this one with Art Garfunkel, I saw it once in TV, don’t remember much do, only in VHS never in DVD.

  47. No Drums, No Bugles - Clyde Ware 1972 USA
    With Martin Sheen, The Thin Red Line it’s often compared to this film that I’ve never heard of, they say Sheen was rehearsing for Apocalypse Now, UAU must take a look at this one, really curious about it

  48. Tusk – Jodorowsky 1980 France
    Well not Jodorowsky best (coming from a guy with a nick like El Topo) but really maybe the weaker effort from the man, which still makes it an interesting film to say the lleast. Hard to find copies, Instead of Dune he went to do this one (I wonder how Dune would have turn out if directed by Jodorowsky), I think there’s not a released of it only TV copies, but not sure.

  49. The best Pair of Legs in the Bussiness – Christopher Hodson 1972
    Must be a very British thing, I never heard of it, although I do know the On the Buses sitcom also with Rog varney.

  50. Ken park – Larry Clarke 2002 USA
    Strange choice this one. Clarke is not a favourite of mine, but I understand he does interesting films. Never saw Ken Park to the end at least but I think there’s a lot of editions of it

You should definitely check Deep End out if you can find it anywhere. Some time ago there were rumours that it was being restored for a dvd release this year marking the 40th anniversary but so far nothing. I saw it on vhs years ago. Parts of it are very funny but it does have a fairly disturbing ending.

Thanks for the list El Topo - I’m really sjocked The Conformist is on it though; it was on British TV not too long ago.

And The Great Silence shouldn’t be on there - I saw it on DVD in film shop a few months ago.

The Squeeze is a great seedy british crime film, with a memorable role for Keach.

“45. Street People - Maurizio Lucidi 1976
Roger Moore Stacey Keach (again) in an Italia Mafia film, I never saw it, but wanted to do so for a long time, also known as The Sicilian Cross or The Executioners, maybe in Italy not so hard to find.”

This is a below average italian crime film and its easy enough to find, it even gets shown on tv every now and then.

[quote=“Dorado, post:38, topic:2391”]“45. Street People - Maurizio Lucidi 1976
Roger Moore Stacey Keach (again) in an Italia Mafia film, I never saw it, but wanted to do so for a long time, also known as The Sicilian Cross or The Executioners, maybe in Italy not so hard to find.”

This is a below average italian crime film and its easy enough to find, it even gets shown on tv every now and then.[/quote]

I was always curious to see Moore on Italian crime flick, he wa already Bond I think.

I think the complain about The Great Silence was that it never got an UK release, do not know if its true.

Psychomania was just discovered and reissued via Severin Films.