Modern Hollywood

And I’m really getting sick of these comedies who think they have to fill every scene up with sex, nudity, or sex jokes. Moderation please. But I’m sure Rev will disagree. :wink:

Give yourself a few more years. You’ll come to appreciate these sexy raunchy comedies in time :wink:

It’s not that I’m not old enough or am disgusted by sex. I’m a teenager for christ sake! :wink: But it just gets really old and makes a lot of these Hollywood comedies seem like a one trick pony.

I don’t care what shit Hollywood is (and was) always producing. The most important thing is that there is still room at the sides to make their usual share of risky and brilliant films. And they do.

I particularly am proud of There will Be Blood. A definet old school movie in style andtheme maybe that deserves mention along the classics. And it made a profit too which surprsied me.

But I come to expect quality from Miramax.

The resurrection of an old, old thread with my top films of 2013 (the top two are extremely close in my estimation):

  1. Gravity
  2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  3. Pacific Rim
  4. World War Z
  5. Ender’s Game
  6. Oblivion
  7. Star Trek Into Darkness

A pretty good year overall, but many of these blockbusters did feel very similar, particularly in the filming of action scenes; Star Trek Into Darkness’s best moments were character ones, not the large-scale battle sequences. In comparison though, 2013, to me, feels weaker than 2012, but Gravity really helped reignite my enthusiasm for Hollywood: role on 2014.

As we were leaving the movie theatre last night, my wife brought up “when did actors stop actually doing physical things and it all became like a videogame?” She’s originally from Slovakia (Just introduced me to the Winnetou movies actualy, which were quite popular in her country), and I basically drag her to everything. Her observation made me a bit sad, so of course that night I put on “In A Colt’s Shadow” which had some insane stunt falls. My biggest gripe with most modern films is the quick-editing and not pulling back to see the action.

Haven’t seen all the 2013 films that I wanna see yet, so I can’t really say what my favs of 2013 is yet.

Seems to me there were a lot more good Hollywood movies being made in the 80s before all the CGI crap started. Terminator, Aliens, Indiana Jones, Robocop, Predator, The Fly, The Thing, Beetlejuice just to name a few. These days it’s all about really bad remakes of great stuff from the 70s and 80s like Evil Dead etc. At least Tarantino is still making cool films. I’ll take a pre-2005 film over most newer stuff any day.