Hello amigos/amigas,
I’m going to Mini-Hollywood next week (can’t wait!). Anyone else ever been? If you have been pros/cons? I’ve been before but that was 27 years ago so I’d imagine its changed somewhat.
Johnny Wels

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It’s pretty awesome. According to Alex Cox (if I remember right) it was destroyed in the 70s by a storm. It’s been completely renovated now and some colours of buildings have changed, but structurally it looks identical/99% identical. It’s really awesome to experience but I’m not sure what the colours were like in relation to the films when you last went.

There’s a bar (saloon) there where you can chill and have a few drinks and the building that was the bank in For A Few Dollars More is a mini museum with loads of old cameras supposedly used to film certain spags. I have photos of all of these I think. Again that may have been there when you went yourself but I’m not sure. Of course there’s also a gift shop with cool stuff in…I got a wooden replica of the Spanish poster of For a Few…while I was there. Can’t remember if it was cheap or expensive sorry, but I don’t remember it feeling extortionate. When we were there they constantly playing spag music as well via speakers situated over the park and it wasn’t just Morricone either. You should feel right at home :+1:

One thing I didn’t like was the zoo though…apparently (don’t know if this is definitely true though because we didn’t go ourselves because two of us are animal lovers) there’s a tiger they keep underground in a well type thing in the scorching hot twenty four seven. Wouldn’t fancy seeing that myself.

Many thanks for that Bill. Yes, I recall the bank from all those years ago so glad that’s still there. I remember one of the gunslingers taking part in the daily gunfight bore a resemblance to Franco Nero in “Keoma”. At the end I heard him speaking to one of his colleagues and you can imagine my surprise when I realised he wasn’t from Spain but Birmingham! That’s Birmingham, UK, not Alabama.
As for the zoo, I think I’ll give it a wide berth.

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14 years since I was there last. Didn’t bother with the zoo or anything else, just stuck to the western town and it was a great experience for me.


Great, thanks Phil. Also went to Sad Hill back in 2019 and I recommend that.

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No worries.

Have Sad Hill and some other Northern locations like Ciudad Encantada on my to do list. Hoping to get there eventually.

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If you make it to Sad Hill I recommend staying at the Parador in Lerma. It’s a palace built in the 17th century.

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