Medusa Home Video DVD catalog

(The Stranger) #1

Inspired by the beautiful screenshots of the Medusa DVD (by dicfish) from the movie Il Grande Silenzio, I made a DVD catalog of the company: :wink:

(scherpschutter) #2

Wonderful job
I have only one of their discs, the Day of Anger disc, it has glorious image quality, but mediocre sound (very low on volume)

(dicfish) #3

Great work, Stranger!

(Provvidenza) #4

Yes thank you for making all these catalog lists fellas, for a SW DVD nut like me theyโ€™re invaluable :slight_smile:

(I love you M.E. Kay) #5

Very useful, thanks!


Nice work, thanks.

(The Stranger) #7

Thanks guys.
I am glad that it is useful.