Maurizio Graf (Maurizio Attanasio)

This cat can belt out a tune. I thought he did more than just a couple Spaghetti theme songs, but all I can find for sure is The Return Of Ringo, Find A Man from Johnny Hamlet, and one other I forget at the moment. Does anyone know for sure if he did any other theme songs? Maybe it just seems that way to me because there are many other Spaghettis that have theme songs with a similar style.

Have you heard this one:

Rare vocal version to For a Few Dollars More.

I love Graf, but I prefer this composition without his vocals
Still nice to hear
(I had never heard it before, is it on the cd-release of the soundtrack ? I have the soundtrack on LP and I’m positively sure this version is not on it)

Never issued on the original soundtrack L.P and indeed most C.D issues, except the expanded C.D soundtrack (which may be deleted now). I also have an old L.P of Graf songs floating around somewhere with the track on.

Yes, it’s apparently gone OOP… Found it for sale at though for 75 euro :o

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:2, topic:1468”]Have you heard this one:

Rare vocal version to For a Few Dollars More.[/quote]
Yeah I saw that before and I like it!

Been listening to today, and starting to like.