Matalo! / ¡Mátalo! (Cesare Canevari, 1970)

django kill is on nr15 of my list, matalo wouldnt make my top 30 even

It will be in my Top 20, if I change it sometime.

It’s one of the films which get better with any viewing.

i agree how is OUATITW strange, not only is it Leone’s best western in my opinion it is also my favourite spaghetti, the music, the cinematography, PERFECT.

It’s my favourite Spaghetti too. The style is in a strange way different from every other SW.

I like films which are different, and strange is another word to describe the one or another film I like. Again, it’s not a negative or derogatory term, the context is the point.

Lynch or Fellini or Greenaway are also strange and often also brillant, perfect, breathtaking etc.

But that doesn’t mean that every strange film is good, some are only boring, bad, idiotic, etc.

Oh man, I sat with my bong and watched that yesterday and I was so fucked in the head with this!

As a synthesiser artist the score make me so happy, I almost dropped in my pant with the power of the music!

This is truly among my top 10! Amazing movie! The kind of which I will watch often, in the same league as Django Kill and The Great Silence among the most special SW…

Go voting for the Top 20!

I have to say that I was expecting a bit more from this one. There were some moments I loved (like the boomerang finale) and I loved the initial creepiness of the shooting style w/ the ghost town. However, the story was just too disjointed, and I couldn’t work up any attachment or interest in the characters.

I really like this film, and think it’s a shame that Corrado Pani never appeared in any other westerns because he really impressed me in this one. That soundtrack is great too. BTW, i heard that this is a kind of remake of an earlier film called “Kill The Wicked(s)”. Is this true? And has anyone here seen that particular film? Is it worth checking out? ???

It’s sort of a remake of God does not pay on Saturday, a not so famous SW, which has the same story, but is made in a different style.

i got the wild east one delivered yesterday along with fort yuma gold

Thanks for the info. I’ve located a copy and may end up getting it out of curiosity!

i got the wild east release last week and am looking forward to watching it.

watched the dvd thisafternoon.

i must admit it was not how i expected but it was very enjoyable.
Great cinematography and even though there is an electronic music score it doesn’t sound out of place.

quite a surreal film, at times it reminded me of Django kill for some reason.

Because both films induce a strong feeling of strangeness. That’s what makes them so unique.

[quote=“stanton, post:34, topic:201”]Because both films induce a strong feeling of strangeness. That’s what makes them so unique.[/quote]i know what you mean

I think I need to get round to watching my disc of this film, as sounds pretty interesting.

I finally managed to get round to watching this one, and liked very much.

Weird moments, camerawork, the hippy style clothes , funky score and of course the boomerangs are all elements I liked.
Not much of a story going on in this one, but like the Wild East cover mentions it is a definate case of style over content, and a fascinating style which just keeps you watching.

Shame Lou Castel pops up in the film a bit late, and I would have perhaps preferred a bit more of a negative ending to this one.

I wonder when released at the cinema the regular Spaghetti crowd and/or the ‘hippy’ crowd went to view it more…

This one has been sitting on my shelf for months now and I haven’t got round to watching it. I’ve heard so many different and conflicting reports about it. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet this weekend and give it a try.

This IS a very watchable movie. Have to agree with Ennioo, Lou Castel should have packed his big arsenal of boomerangs and turned up a bit sooner in the movie.

The soundtrack is different, funky and very atmospheric.

This was in fact one of the spaghetti westerns I wanted to see the most after seeing the fantastic trailer which was included on the first or second Wild East trailer-dvd (forget which). Absolutely fantastic. Can see why some western fans will hate like the plague though, this ain’t your usual spaghetti dish.

The music is what sets this film really apart from other SWs I think, and adds to the surreal atmosphere.

Great score by Mario Migliardi, but not funky is it? More rock and electronic music, no?

Have you got that soundtrack-CD too Avatar?