Matalo! aka Kill him by WildEast

Hobby & Work running time 87m 35s (equivalent to about 91m 15s)

Medusa H.E running time 89m 15s (equivalent to 93m)

I'm interested in the runtime. The German version has a 93 min runtime

:o 93min. PAL?

No, theatrical.

Seems to be uncut as there are no longer versions available

[quote=“Stanton, post:12, topic:295”]I’m interested in the runtime.
The German version has a 93 min runtime, but it is one of those films which Bruckner has in his book with a longer one for the italian version: 101 min. Probably not true.[/quote]

Apparently the version submitted to Italian board of censors had a 101m50s runtime.
It should be noted that German runtime is perfectly corresponding with Anica data.

Matalo! - naz.: Italia/Spagna - regía: Cesare Canevari - v.c. n. 56935 del 16.10.70 - m. 2786 - ppp: 22/10/70
In Germania Occ.: Willkommen in der Hölle (26.03.71 - 93’)

Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo by Giuseppe Vari is a very similar case:
original runtime = about 102 minutes
present-day version = 94 minutes

But that will still be the question. Was there ever a released which had this 101 min runtime?

Where can we get information about the runtimes of the premiere versions?

There must be old film mags with runtime informations.

Since the film was shown in public for the first time (date of PPP, prima proiezione pubblica) six days after the approval the answer should be yes.

Yes, old film mags/daily newspapers reviews usually had runtime informations, but to my way of thinking data concerning film length should be more trustworthy.

Yes, there was.

And in addition slightly cut, becuse to obtain the original VM14 rating there were cuts in five scenes.

On the other hand, the present-day version of Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo by Giuseppe Vari (see Reply #22) is fully uncut. The film was rated ALL, without censorship problems.

Jonathan, you watched that 101 min version?

No, y u ask that? Maybe for the five scenes originally shortened? They are specified on the certificate: scene in which Lou Castel can not quench his thirst, scene in which he is pulled by the hair, swing sequence, Lou Castel chained and Pani bleeding at the end.

Certificate date 16.10.1970
Release date 22.10.1970
Doubts once this point has been reached = zero :wink:

The appeal following which the same version was reviewed in February 1971 - with confirmation of the VM14 rating - makes impossible any alternative hypothesis.

Ok, but you, or someone else, saw this version in reality?

How comes that all known versions are the shorter one? Even the Italian DVD contains the same 93 min version.