Matalo! aka Kill him by WildEast

I’m so happy that I must tell you the latest News:

The guys from WildEast have made their promise reality: They give Canevaris cultish, surreal “Arthouse”-contribution to the SW-Genre-MATALO!- a decent realise.
An unique, outstanding flic with strange characters, psycodelic seventies score and “twisted”-crazy photography by master Ortas.
One of my absolute favs
The DVD will be launched in July containing the US-theatrical version in its original aspect ratio and an Interview
with Lou"Boomerang"Castel!!!
I think this is the Good News at Pentecost.

Really nice, a must have!

u.s. seller jerksi has put together a great matalo release.

how does it differ from the Wild East one?

Jerksi’s stuff is bootleg. I don’t have problem buying bootlegs when a commercialy produced version isn’t available, but in this case, we should support Wild East. Small companies like them can go out of business if they are facing too much competition from bootleggers.

so what exactly is the difference to the wild east one?

Where can you see Jerski’s listings?

from e-bay.

I’m glad that WE decided to release such a… well, I don’t know. But at ;east it’s good. Good quality print. The interview is good but why did they zoom in on Castel fidgeting with that cube? It just shows how bored he seemed. But he seemed like an alright guy.

Castel very laid back guy…and that is what I always like in a person.

btw, There’s also Italian dvd which is way better quality but doesn’t have english audio. I saw screenshot comparisons somewhere, I try to find 'em later.

I’m interested in the runtime.
The German version has a 93 min runtime, but it is one of those films which Bruckner has in his book with a longer one for the italian version: 101 min. Probably not true.

Medusa DVD

WIld East

Even if Medusa’s quality is better, I’d still say the WE disc is better. Mostly because I like it to have some sort of haze to it. It is a pretty hazy movie and I wouldn’t want it to be sparkling. Besides, I think the WE disc has more color.

They sure look different

But the WE probably has more “character” after all

Does anyone know how Jerksi’d bootleg looked, and where did he find his print, did he use a vhs print maybe?

Heres the Jerksi disc, I got it ages ago… it’s not very good, but was good at the time, I need to get a better copy.

What is the running time of this version chuck connors brother please ?

1hr 32mins 22secs

Is anybody familiar with the other Italian release, by Hobby & Work Publishing?