Mario Caiano

He’s sort of a hit & miss for me… I love Shanghai Joe & Train for Durango but found Ringo Face of Revenge & Coffin for the Sheriff boring

[quote=“korano, post:20, topic:265”]I’ have seen nothing but quality entertainment from Mario Caiano. I think hw IS good at action and maybe u were being too harsh staton but…

That said, I’ve only seen two of his films.[/quote]

No, I still think that most of his action scenes suck.

Meanwhile I have seen of course the uncut Train For Durango, and yes, this is a winner, and has risen in my esteem. Here the action is ok, but not remarkable.

I have also seen Pistols Don’t Argue which also shows his eye for nice western picture compositions, but is too simply conceived to be really exciting.

Roughly put:

Pistols Don’t Argue 3/5
A Coffin for the Sheriff 3/5
Ringo, Face of Revenge 2/5
Train for Durango 4/5
Shanghai Joe 2/5

i like only two

  1. a name that cried revenge
    2 shangai joe

[quote=“Silvanito, post:1, topic:265”]Italian director Mario Caiano has done some fairly important spaghettis, and deserves some recognition a think.

Films include A Coffin for the Sheriff, Ringo Face of Revenge, both with Anthony Steffen, Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, 70’s kung fu-spaghetti, and a few more films.

He even did a pre-Fistful spaghetti Pistols don’t Argue actually shot at the same time in Spain that Leone made his film.[/quote]

I like Mario Caino. He was a good, workman-like genre movie director who made decent movies and one minor classic (Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe). In none of his movies did he really ever distinguish himself stylistically or thematically. Basically, he followed the lead that other filmmakers set (Harald Reinal, Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci) and never really innovated much himself.

RIP Mario

RIP Mario. One of my favorite Cult Directors. So many great films under his helm.

R.I.P., he made some fantastic films.

Weapons of Death was his best crime film and Train for Durango his best western IMO.

[quote=“Farmer_J, post:28, topic:265”]Weapons of Death was his best crime film and Train for Durango his best western IMO.[/quote]Agreed on Napoli Spara! , I can’t decide if I like Durango or Shanghai Joe more out the westerns.

Thanks Mario, R.I.P.

Does anyone have an image of Mario Caiano in his younger years, circa the '60s? All photographs I can find of him are from interviews in the 1990s or later. Higher res is preferred, but beggars, which I am, shouldn’t be choosers.

This one is from 1977

Thank you, future Senator Corbett!

Thanks to you, I was able to find that video, and did my best to straighten up the image without it looking too painterly. I can use this for now, and keep fingers crossed that something else pops up!

I have often heard Mario’s surname pronounced wrongly, here is the correct pronunciation