Man of the East / … e poi lo chiamarono il Magnifico (Enzo Barboni, 1972)

One of the few SW you can easily watch with the whole family. A Comedy Western in which Terence Hill is an English Gentleman (Joseph Moore in the German Version and Sir Thomas Moore in the English Version) in the West. His father was an outlaw who died lucky in arms of an Irish whore. In his last will he orders his three companions to teach Joseph to become a real Man of the West. Their mission isn’t quite easy cause Joseph isn’t amused about the last will of his father. Joseph falls in love with the pretty daughter of a rancher but the badass Clayton also wants to marry her. So funny conflicts getting started.

A Comedy Western without blood but some decent fist fights. The role of Terence is different to the role he had in the Nobody or Trinity Films. He isn’t the dirty chap who shoots and fights like a Superhero. There are also some melancholic scenes and lines about the end of the west. Most of the scenes where photographed in the former Yugoslavia. It’s one of my favourite comedies of Terence Hill without Bud Spencer. :slight_smile:

The films is maybe a bit slow in places, but it shows in all clearness why Enzo Barboni alias E.B. Clucher was the superior italian comedy director.


I like that for most of the film the brothers are just hanging out with each other.

Which brothers ???

Yeah I forgot they weren’t brothers… Terence Hill and his three friends, they seemed like they were brothers I guess.

They were much older, the buddies of his dead father.

This would probably be in the worst sw thread for me - I hated it :stuck_out_tongue:

As the Reverend perhaps might say… we are all brothers of the Lord :D.

It suprised me too that the Reverend doesn’t appreciate Man of the East. Harry Charey Jr. was quite funny as drinking and punching Priest.

tsk tsk tsk

Well I’ve just had a look to see why i might hate it as much as I do. it aint the picture quality cos that’s superb - I’ve got the suevia/mgm version. But, I find the pace of it annoying, as if we’re meant to soak up it’s crappy jokes over an extended period. But, more than this, I have no empathetic feelings for such a tosser of a main character. An upper-class spoonfed brat, with the worst cliched ‘top-hole’ plummy British accent, who needs his arse kicking for being so smug, don’t win any points for me. And the tranformation into a twirly-pistolero is as hammy and predictable as they come. On top of this there’s a horrible wimpy soundtrack …
So … tsk indeed my friend,
totally stupid krap :wink:

ha ha well said

I gave it three stars, because it was (as stanton mentioned) slow in some place, too much love kitsch, too less gun action but some cool amigos (the three guys). Actually Hills role as an english man was…hm…okay. But he had better roles to play.

'm renting this one and am excited. Good enough reviews from you guys (save for the Rev) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and absolutley love it. I love westerns that explore different sides to the main characters or westerns about certain character traits that must be overcome or develope. Such as the drinking problem in El Puro, Night of the Serpent, Tequila Joe. Or the darker side in Taste of vengeance, Face to Fac. Or cowardice in two pistols for a coward. In Man of the East, it seems to be learning the rules of the West. It has what I want plus I really think Hill’s costume is cool.

This is one of the few SW comedies I really love. I loved it as a child and still do.

An important pro that hasn’t been mentioned so far is Yanti Sommer.

I thought this one was good. Not fully comedy and wel made. Terence Hill’s accent steals the show though.

Worth seeing if, for nothing else, the bike riding scenes!

My review of the Optimum UK release of Man of the East

Just viewed the Studio S dvd, which was good. The movie not so. It never really takes off, I laughed maybe two times and it’s all very corny (music included). Besides all this Terence Hill plays an annoying character. Some nice fist fights and good performances by Hill’s mentors, but that’s about it. 2 stars.

Watched this again the other night and… I really like it. Not the out and out slapstick comedy of Trinity, but a more gentle humour that brings out the best in Terence Hill. Not the gratest film ever made, but fun and one I will dig out again and again I’m sure.


Thats really his voice?