Madron (Jerry Hopper, 1970)

(Raph_Alv) #1

Hi ! I have in mind that Richard Boone made “Diamante Lobo” and then “Madron”, both were made on Israel desert. Still don´t really know if it keeps a Spaghetti feeling on this. Any opnions ???
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(Lanky gunman) #2

“Diamante Lobo” and “Kid Vengeance” were also shot in isreal and produce by Menahem Golan the futur boss of Canon Group (famous for many too-bad-its-good movies shot in the 80’s)
“Madron” seems not produce by him on imdb.
I have “Diamante Lobo” and “Kid Vengeance” and they are very boring movies,look like bad TV movies.

(Stanton) #3

Yes, Diamante Lobo is far below the other Parolini SWs.

(Raph_Alv) #4

I looked some stills from Madron, it´s based on SW way, their clothes. Anyway it copies from two mules for sister Sarah?


KID VENGEANCE 1977 Lee Van Cleef Jim Brown Leif Garrett

This is a tough, innovative , revenge western that reunites Van Cleef and Jim Brown
after the magnificent EL CONDOR 1970 and TAKE A HARD RIDE 1975.
Well made in all departments and almost as good as one of the CLASSIC TV MOVIES 70s.

The location shooting for MADRON 1970 and others westerns was the NEGEV desert.

MADRON 1970 Richard Boone Leslie Caron

This is a quite average western with some interesting locations, plot twists but not
really top class as Richard Boone is awkward/stiff and not a “leading man” as such.
It can be seen as similar to “Two Mules For Sister Sarah” from 1969, Madron is better.